Press sees too much of Willy's toddler, then not enough

Art December 08, 2014 01:00

By The Nation

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Sometimes celebrities just can't win. No matter what they do, reporters will find a way to flip the good stuff onto its bad back. Take veteran actor-TV host Willy MacIntosh, for example - and also as a fine role model for how to handle this stuff.

Willy and his wife Geraldine (“Yelly”) finally managed to have a son, Thadarit (“Wynn”), three years ago after a couple of dozen failed attempts (in-vitro proved its worth once again). 
When Wynn was old enough to toddle and his folks started taking him out in public, there was muttering in the press that Willy and Yelly were shopping him out for jobs in show business. More recently Willy hasn’t been taking Wynn to any social events at all, and the press started muttering that he’s being too protective of his son!
Perhaps fuming within (and who could blame him?), Willy stayed cool. “That’s not true,” he said. “He’s with his mum.” 
“That’s your excuse for today,” the media scoffed (this collective quote is an artist’s conception), “but we haven’t seen Wynn in public for a long time. So, come on, what’s really going on?”
Still cucumber-cool, Willy explained (“Well, if you MUST know”) that Wynn has very sensitive skin and is prone to allergies, and that’s why he hasn’t been out and about much with his ma and pa. He’s not being over-protective at all, Willy said. And, as to that show-business thing, if someone wants to put his son in a commercial or TV show or have him make adorable public appearances, that’s okay with the old man. The decision rests with Yelly, though, he stressed. 
“The only problem,” Willy added with a grin, “is can Wynne be as handsome as his dad?”
A more-rounded Donut
Manasnan “Donut” Panlertwongskul is feeling the pressure of being bombarded with acting assignments and really wants to climb out of the camera’s intense gaze. She’d like to “fade” from acting and do more work behind the scenes. 
“I’m acting in three different TV series and none of them is finished yet, but next year I’d like to concentrate more on directing and producing,” she says. 
And Donut’s well on her way. Channel 3 has already given her the nod to produce a series next year and she’s going to direct a TV movie, titled “Lovesucks”, for which she even wrote the screenplay. 
So Donut’s feeling pretty sugary, career-wise. Now, how about her love life? It’s been weighing heavily on reporters’ minds ever since she broke up with fellow actor Ananda Everingham. 
“I’d be very bad if I said there’s no one at all who likes me,” she declared gamely. “I am talking to someone, yes, but it’s just a normal relationship.”
And does Ananda knows she’s, you know, talking to someone? “We’re still friends,” Donut said of her old beau, “and we have no jealousy toward each other. I think we’re more like good friend, and you want to see your friends find a good boyfriend or girlfriend.” 
Donut finished with a “punch line”, not particularly funny at all. She said she doesn’t think any of her future boyfriends will be as handsome as Ananda. 
Our sympathies to the guy she’s talking to.