Poster artist brings Miyake to 'Life'

Art June 05, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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The new clothes from Pleats Please feature vibrant animals drawn by Kazumasa Nagai

Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake was so impressed by his countryman Kazumasa Nagai’s exhibition of “Life” posters last year that’s he recruited him for a new line of clothes from Pleats Please.

Graphic designer Nagai’s 139 posters included “Life”, “Life Joy” and “Life Bounce” – all made in 1993 – and these are the images that Miyake selected as motifs for his new collection. The clothes feature cute animals with flourishes of humour in red, blue, yellow, green and purple.

Pleats Please has worked with several artists over the years. With Nagai, Miyake’s goal wasn’t to simply reproduce the graphics but to instil his clothes with “life” itself, while expanding on his brand’s lightness and sense of freedom.

For Miyake, the true value of design lies in its integration into everyday life and in the wearer’s comfort. He uses traditional techniques of processing and of pleating to make highly functional modern togs that are light in weight and easy to wear and handle.

Nagai, senior executive adviser to the Nippon Design Centre, shares Miyake’s philosophy: They never repeat themselves and they keep the creative process alive by always moving forward and challenging conventions. The clothes they’ve created together take on truly three-dimensional form when the animals depicted come to life through the wearer’s movement.

Bags and other accessories are also included in the series, which are on show as “artworks” in the exhibition “Kazumasa Nagai Poster Life 1957-2014” at the Museum of Modern Art in Toyama, Japan. The items for sale are available at the Pleats Please Issey Miyake store at Siam Discovery.