Nothing burns like old love

Art August 28, 2012 00:00

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Singer Mai Charoenpura had plenty of guests onstage for “25 Years Sud Huajai Mai Mai Muan” this past weekend, but it was her old flame Jirayuth “Joe” Wattanasin of Nuvo who drew the loudest cheers. 
Joe appeared during the “Medley of Emotion”, following Peter Corp Dyrendal and Patchai “Pup” Pukdesusook of Potato. Joe sang “Khon Diew Nai Hua Jai” (“The Only One in My Heart”) and the audience went nuts. 
Mai had actually wanted a different Nuvo member at the show, but Saharat “Kong” Sangkapreecha was ailing and she gave Joe a call. So when she and Joe finished their duo, he teased her that there were still two other guys in Nuvo. “Why me? Why not Sakda Pattasima or Palapol Polgongsent?” 
“It was God’s will,” Mai shot back.
She gave all her guests a big hug as they left the stage, but when it was Joe’s turn he complained. “You already hugged lots of male singers. You fooled me and you’ll soon forget that we loved each other!” Everyone burst out laughing and screaming – the words came straight out of Nuvo lyrics. 
Mai didn’t miss a beat. “You can always ask for a kiss for a change!” Just imagine the noise at that one. 
Jam with James
Ruengsak “James” Loychusak’s first album came out in 1995 and, after a break, he’s ready to perform again. The concert “Dai Wela James” (“It’s James Time”) is set for September 8, and he has a Mount Everest of songs to choose from.
Promoting the show on Channel 7, James recalled everyone singing along at his last concert, which had him in tears. “I want to make the fans happy again like that,” he said. 
Deciding which of his 150-or-so tunes to perform this time is daunting, he said, “but I promise to bring all the songs you like. Can you guys please start practising? It’d be great if you can sing along like in the old days.” 
Rehearsals are underway at our place, James.