Noon hits bars for 'research'

Art July 14, 2012 00:00

By The Nation
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It's now confirmed that Woranut "Noon" Bhirombakdi will play the hard-drinking, misbehaving Lamyong in the new version of the soap opera "Thong Nua Kow"


Taking over Apiradee Pawaphutanon’s old role a decade on will be an interesting challenge for the angelic Noon, but she was so keen to try that she didn’t haggle over the money, as was rumoured. 
“Of course the fee is high, because I’m an actress with 15 years’ experience – but that’s not a million baht-plus in a lump sum It’s paid episode by episode.”
Noon says she only hesitated before accepting the job because she wanted to make sure the production fit her schedule Pongpat Watchirabunjong, who’s directing the “remake” of the Channel 7 hit show for Channel 3, says Noon was his first choice to play Lamyong.
Asked what her husband Piti thinks of her playing a bad girl, Noon says he hasn’t said a word In fact, she’s the one in the family who’s feeling a little stressed, since the job will require her absolutely best acting ever. 
Sex overrated
Former Democrat Party leader Banyat Bantadtan’s MP son Nat might never be able to live down that business in April when he was photographed looking at a picture of a sexy girl on his mobile phone – while attending a parliamentary session.
Nat admits to Praew magazine that his life and career were definitely affected by the incident and the public and legislative uproar that ensued “Lustful Dems ogle porn in the House!” knocked a few worthier matters off the newspaper front pages for a couple of days.
But Nat says there’s nothing he can do about it now and it’s up to others whether they accept or reject his explanation that a friend sent him the picture and he deleted it after a quick glance Meanwhile he’s moving on with his career. 
“As long as the people close to me understand and I have the support of senior party members, I’m okay with it.”