Nation, MCOT chefs find Kanok goes great with 'Ajarn Yingsak'

Art July 13, 2015 01:00

By The Nation
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In what looks like a dream pairing for television viewers, celebrity chef Yingsak Jonglertjesdawong and news-talk host Kanok Ratwongsakul will be the faces up front on a new show on Modernine dealing with social affairs, starting next month. 
Both already have large fan bases. “Ajarn Yingsak” is beloved for his fun-filled interview show “Khon Dung Nang Clear” on RS Channel 2, while Kanok is the long-time anchorman on Nation TV’s primetime news. 
They’ve met before onscreen – discussing lighter matters when Yingsak had Kanok as a guest on his show – but this time Modernine operator MCOT and Nation Broadcasting Corp (NBC) are collaborating on “Ying Tok, Kanok Sak”, a programme described as a “situation talk show”. It will air weekdays from 6.20 to 6.50pm. They’ll be digging into the hot topics of the day with a measured mix of seriousness and good humour, so laughter won’t be a stranger. 
Kanok moving “cross-channel” to MCOT is no shock because he’s hosted a show there before, and NBC has a long history of working with MCOT, dating back to “Nation News Talk” hosted by Suthichai Yoon. Now, after a two-year break, we’re back in business together. 
News of Yingsak’s involvement had people wondering about his future at RS, but he tells Thai Rath Online that RS has no problem with his MCOT deal and he’s left the company on amicable terms. “We ended it well and I did a proper farewell to the seniors at RS,” he says. 
Yingsak says MCOT approached him seven months ago about co-hosting a new show. “I wasn’t ready then, but later MCOT reshuffled its programming and launched a new format and I became interested.” Well aware that he’s been hosting cooking shows for more than 25 years and would be reluctant to give up his pots and pans, MCOT also offered him a spanking-clean kitchen on Modernine – a new cooking show three days a week. He mulled the offer carefully and decided it was too delicious to pass up, at which point he let the gang at Channel 2 know he was leaving. “I don’t want people to forget me as a cook – I still want to be in the kitchen,” he says. 
Asked if he’s apprehensive about co-hosting the new programme, Yingsak expressed full confidence in the backing of both MCOT’s Thai News Agency and Nation TV. But he vows to do his own homework on the issues ahead of every segment. 
At the press conference promoting the plans last week, the two offered a glimpse of what the show’s likely going to look and sound like and the reporters on hand had a good laugh at their lively approach. A lot of Yingsak and Kanok’s fans have already booked their places in front of the television set. Yingsak’s followers on the show’s Facebook page have promised to tune in and even suggested topics for the hosts to discuss. “We’ll talk about everything,” says Yingsak, “except celebrity gossip.”