Mayura finds contentment

Art December 01, 2012 00:00

By The Nation
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TV host Panya Nirankul, the head honcho of Work Point Entertainment, is probably reading between the lines of recent interviews by his former employee, Mayura "Tak" Svetsila.

Since leaving her long-time job as Panya’s perky co-host on Work Point’s “Ching Roi Ching Larn” variety-game show, Mayura says she is “content”.

“Not that it is good we parted, but it has opened up opportunities for me,” she said at a recent press conference to announce her new show on Modernine.
She will co-host a women’s health programme with actress Siriphan “Noon” Wattanjinda. It’s produced by the JSL studio.
“I didn’t sign a contract with JSL and we think there is no need,” said Mayura, who also presents a music show for GMM Grammy.
She also has offers from TV drama series.
“Many people want me in their soap operas,” Mayura said. “Now my home has TV scripts piling up. However, I agreed to one already – a series produced by actress Ann Thongprasom.”
 Asked if she parted with Panya on good terms, Mayura said yes.
“But if I meet him by chance, he would have to say ‘hi’ to me first. There is no way that I will start,” she added, indicating that perhaps there’s a grudge, and a reason for her contentment, now that she’s out on her own.
Licence to kick
While it looks like Daniel Craig will continue to portray James Bond for the foreseeable future, there is already much speculation over who will be the next 007.
Sam Worthington, Tom Hardy or Michael Fassbender are just a few of the names that come up.
But the “Skyfall” star has his own choice, one that’s likely to be a hit with football fans, or, to be more precise, Liverpool football fans.
“Who would I rather be, captain of Liverpool or Bond? Well, I don’t think I could keep up anymore so Bond will do, but Steven Gerrard would make a good Bond,” said Craig. An avowed Liverpool fan, he was recently interviewed for the club’s website.
Craig’s pick of the football captain is sure to be a hit with Kopites, as Liverpool fans call themselves. They would love to have a Liverpudlian James Bond. The only challenge Gerrard might face as Bond is getting fans to understand his thick Scouser accent.