Mam and Thang, as though nothing ever changed

Art June 06, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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The advent of digital TV in Thailand has naturally boosted demand for content, which should benefit viewers, at least to begin with, since there'll be a wider variety of stuff to watch.

Soap opera fans over 30, for example, are happy that GMM affiliate Scenario, led by Takonkiet Viravan, is preparing a lovely remedy for their nostalgia aches. With the sitcom “Phror Me Ther”, we are about to witness to return to the small screen of Catleeya “Mam” Krachangnetara (nee MacIntosh) and Saksit “Thang” Thangtong, who were one of television’s most popular couples of the 1990s. Bonded together, their names generated as much excitement as Nadech Kugimiya and Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund do for the younger generation today.

Mam and Thang first appeared together in the hit TV drama “Phue Ther” in 1994, then became a regular pair onscreen in various series, always drawing high ratings. And, like Nadech and Yaya, they were also quite close in real life, though not actually dating, as fans believed at one stage.

Mam is now a mother of three and Thang a happy bachelor, age 47. “Phror Me Ther” is indeed their return to the screen as a couple, although Thang admits he fended off invitations in the interim. Many production studios asked him to appear in series featuring Mam, he says, but the roles they offered were invariably “too old”.

He accepted this job, though, because he wanted to “make up” with Mam, he jokes. “I felt guilty because there was one drama she starred in that I didn’t,” he laughs. Mam says she’s delighted that their fans are so keen to have them back as a couple, and Takonkiet told her he believes they still have “the right chemistry” together.

Let’s see if their comeback rocks the ratings for Nadech and Yaya.

That Face on Facebook

Meanwhile if Takonkiet ever needs to turn Mam and Thang into monsters for an episode of the new comedy show, he need look no further than Noyneung Makeup, who’s filling his Facebook page with mutants and aliens.

The 26-year-old graphic designer calls himself a “makeup geek”. He recently won rousing cheers online demonstrating to his followers how to turn themselves into Mystique from the X-Men film franchise. It was an enthralling step-by-step guide that showed Noyneung’s face getting freakier and freakier as he transformed into the mutant character. All the makeup items and techniques were explained.

Noyneung also posts his work on and has a blog of his own. The feedback is always great. says he first became known as a monster maker in 2012 when he uploaded scary photos to Instagram. It’s been a steady stream of beasts ever since. Before Mystique there was a guy with a hideous lizard face (or was it hilarious?), as well as famous ghosts of Thailand and the world, and even the cyborg Terminator.

Best try and book him now for Halloween, but you might already be too late. We won’t be surprised to see him making the rounds of the TV chat shows soon. Worth keeping in mind too is the fact that this is only his hobby – he does have a regular job to occupy his hours as well!