Lost the case, gained a son

Art June 21, 2012 00:00

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Actor-singer Rattapoom “Film” Tokongsub wanted to move on with his career and now maybe he can. Maybe. 
The defamation row between him and outspoken former senator Rabiabrat Pongpanich ended in Criminal Court on Tuesday. Rabiabrat swallowed her pride and apologised to Film for saying some ill-advised things about him in a September 2010 TV interview. 
Specifically, the chairwoman of the Happy Family Association called him careless and immoral for getting actress Rungnapha “Annie Brooke” Kaewsaiharn pregnant and then refusing to own up to it. Film has denied he’s the father all along, even taking a DNA paternity test to prove it, but at the time Rabiabrat’s broadcast condemnation made Film’s mum so sick she ended up in hospital.
So they spent three hours in court, and in the end everyone was happy with the settlement. Rabiabrat accepted that she spoke without having enough information and that she’d defamed the actor. She even quipped that she’s “adopted” another son now – meaning Film – although she declines to give him any further advice about life. 
People on the social media welcomed the good news for Film, but some said he’d better watch out if Rabiabrat is appointing herself his mother! 
Coming ‘soon’
Elsewhere the good news is that we will soon see the finale of MC Chatreechalerm “Than Mui” Yukol’s epic film franchise “King Naresuan”: The closing episode is indeed finished. 
The bad news is that we still don’t know when we’ll see it. The director had planned on releasing the movie on Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday on August 12, but nope.
“I’ve just learned that the date’s been postponed,” says Colonel Wanchana Sawatdee, who plays Naresuan and is thus forever keeping his personal timetable flexible in case there’s an actual premiere to attend someday. 
There will eventually be a premiere, of course, but they’d better keep Than Mui in sight. He’s already started work on his next project, “Petch Pra-uma”, a 3D number for which the cast has yet to be announced.