Like any food with your drinks?

tasty June 10, 2012 00:00

By Manta Klangboonkrong
The Nati

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The barman outshines the chef at aLL Six To Twelve. What fun!


Looking for a chic spot for your gang to hang out? Head to the new aLL Six To Twelve on Langsuan Road. where you’ll find relaxing, friendly vibes, tasty food and decent, creative cocktails.
This lofty cafe and tippler dispenser positions itself as “social bar for trendy men and posh women”, so don’t expect soft piano tunes or candlelit private corners for lovebirds. It’s all about socialising, friends’ nights out, electronic tunes to chill by and, of course, drinking. 
The bar has an array of tempting cocktails for adventurous souls. If it’s still early, get the well-rounded, refreshing Cape Breeze (Malibu, grapefruit and cranberry juice) to get your motor starting, or a Lychee Mojito, which is a standard recipe with lychee that leaves subtle minty or bittersweet aftertaste. 
Also recommended are the Yakuza, which comes in a shot glass with Asahi beer and sake gelatin, the All Night Long with tequila, orange curacao, sour mix and apple juice, and the Tokyo Tea, the Oriental counterpart of the Long Island Iced Tea, with gin, rum and vodka.
If you fancy elegant-looking drinks, try the Moso in a flute glass with Midori sour and sparkling wine, the Malt Martini with single malt and sparkling wine, or the TT Martini, which uses Thai tea and citron vodka as its base.
There’s a group activity, too, if you don’t like to drink alone. The Lava Party set, which indulges three, six or nine drinkers at once, is a daring challenge of tequila, brandy, sambuca, vodka and beer – all set on fire. If your lucky number is seven, call for the Rainbow set, with four kinds of alcohol in seven shot glasses. 
The cocktails start at Bt140 and the set drinks at Bt500. If you’re intent on being boring and just have a beer, a small one costs Bt150. 
Simple Thai dishes with a twist are served at reasonable prices, along with snacks all night. Have a try with a laab burger (Bt100), a crispy spicy salad (Bt85), baked nacho with dips (Bt140), spicy tuna salad (Bt140) or deep-fried pork belly with a Chinese herb glaze (Bt120).
<< Find aLL Six To Twelve in the lobby of Fraser Place Urbana on Langsuan Road. It’s open daily from 6am to midnight.
<< Make arrangements at (02) 250 6799 or the “allSixToTwelve” page on Facebook.