Let's vote for paranoiacracy

Art January 26, 2013 00:00

By The Nation
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With Channel 3's "Nua Mek 2" debacle still unexplained, you can't blame people for wondering why Pen-ek Ratanaraung abruptly postponed the premiere of his new documentary film "Prachathipathai" ("Paradoxocracy"). It was supposed to debut on Februa


Pen-ek has said the movie is about politics and it sounds like it touches upon taboos. Did paranoid politics draw the curtains again, or were would-be viewers the ones being paranoid?
Well, Pen-ek and his co-producer and director Pasakorn “Ake” Pramoolwong say we need to relax. There’s a “technical problem” they need to fix – something about colour and sound. (That’s quite a problem!) Another insider points out that “Paradoxocracy” hasn’t even been submitted to the film board for rating, so how could there be a censorship issue? “It’s too early for that,” they say.
Obama goes soft
Seemingly juicier than the fly on the wall is the fly on the US president’s forehead, a rare subspecies whose reappearance on Thursday riveted the attention of animal lovers, entomologists and politicos alike.
Barack Obama was once again on national TV – this time introducing Mary Jo White as his nominee to head the Securities and Exchange Commission – when he was “menaced by a housefly”, as one American news report cheekily put it.
The insect buzzed the world’s most powerful man for a few moments and then landed smack on his forehead. There was no answering smack from the president this time, though, just a mildly annoyed “This guy is bothering me here.”
No doubt Obama, like every onlooker, was recalling the first such incident, in June 2009, when he was being interviewed on CNBC. He not only whacked that little buzzer to the floor (“ninja-style”, as someone noted), he suggested that the cameras get a shot of its corpse. 
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals freaked out, but the clip drew 900,000 views on YouTube. “He swatted that fly like a boss!” was a typical comment.
Not so this time.