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All the emotion in the boy band's farewell concert finds its release

The five lads in boy band K-otic had promised not to cry when they sad farewell to a five-year career together last Sunday at Paragon Hall – but once the young audience packing the venue started, they really had no choice but to join in.

It was an emotion finish for all concerned as they individually delivered their personal adieus.

Korean-born Jongbae Park has to serve a mandatory two-year stint in the army and group leader Panu “Poppy” Chiraguna might be getting a scholarship that will take him overseas to study for six months.

So the two-hour concert was bittersweet, starting with a video of audience members expressing their sentiments before the show, many in tears. The music ranged from high-tempo hits that kept the fans ecstatic and on their feet to melancholy ballads awash with feelings.

Kenta Tsuchiya in particular wept throughout “Phuen” (“Friends”), their farewell single and the penultimate tune of the show.

But the last song of the evening was the light-hearted “Yoo Nai Chuang Prabprung” (“Construction”), which came after a long, loud, lingering roar for an encore from the 3,500-strong crowd. The band obviously wanted to see off the fans on a high note and not send them home sad.

Nevertheless, all five singers still looked grim and sombre while struggling to smile and dance merrily.

There were 20 songs in the “K-otic the Memory Concert”, including all of their hits from all four albums. They performed a medley of five ballads during a sit-down session in a mock living room at stage front. Jongbae played a keyboard and Poppy a guitar while Kenta used a handheld camcorder to shoot them and the crowd for the big screens. The fans had the astounding experience of seeing themselves singing along and, yes, crying.

Pataradanai “Koen” Setsuwan, Jongbae and Kenta sang “Unbelievable” in an elaborate show with dancers, and Poppy and Visava “Tomo” performed “D