Just like old times

music August 18, 2012 00:00

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

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The three remaining members of Pause unite for a concert, much to the delight of their fans


Singer Amarin “Jo” Luangboriboon was remembered 10 years after his death at last Saturday’s “Push (Me) Again” concert that feted the music of Bakery Music’s pop band Pause, of which Jo was the vocalist.
“We’ve been waiting to play again as Pause for quite some time now,” bassist Norathep “Nor” Masang told the audience, after kicking off the show with the hit ballad “Thi Wang” and “Thi Ther Fao Ror” from the band’s 1998’s release “Evo & Nova”. Norathep, who’s been playing with Crescendo, was back on stage with former band members, guitarist Polkrit “A” Wiriyanuphap and drummer Niruj “Boss” Dejbun. 
“Pause hasn’t been in the music circle for so long and we’re without a singer. So, we weren’t sure whether anybody would come to this concert or if we would draw just 100 or 200 people. Thanks to the organiser and everybody!” added the bassist.
Norathep was extremely surprised that fans snapped up 2,000 tickets, filling the auditorium.
Like many Pause fans, I had doubts if any of the guests would be up to matching Jo’s trademark high pitch especially on the two ballads ‘Rak Ther Thang Mod Khong Huajai’ and ‘Thi Wang’?” though female guest Mariam Grey of B5, managed well on the former. “Thi Wang’ proved less of a headache, as the guests sang alternate lines.
The commemorative concert consisted of a set of 21 songs taken from 1996’s “Push (Me) Again”, “Evo & Nova” (1998) and “Mild” (1999) and the 2002 compilation “Rewind”, which featured two new tracks “Mai Mee Wan Pae” and “Chuay Bok Dai Mai”.
Crescendo’s Chatchai “Nat” Manitayakul was the first out on stage with “Mai Mee Laew” and “Yue” from the debut and his voice sounded similar and interesting. The pop band’s remaining members then took over for “Fun Klang Wan.”
The concert continued in that format until the end, with each of the guests taking on two songs and Pause’s three members playing the next. 
Other guests were Jakrathorn “Tone” Kajornchaiyakul of Sofa, Trai “Boy” Bhumirat of Friday, Ratchapol “Music” Yaemsang from AF4, Tanachai “Pod” Ujjin of Moderndog, and Jirakorn “Ae” Sompithak. Boy Trai duetted with Suratnavee “Bo” Suviporn of Triumphs Kingdom in “Samphan”.
Bassist Nor, guitarist A and drummer Boss also played an acoustic medley featuring “Phuean”, “Loke Thi Pen Nueng” with Ae Jirakorn, and “Ma”. Nor told the audience that before joining Bakery Music, Pause regularly played five songs at their shows: “Mai Mee Laew”, “Thi Wang”, “Assajan”, “Ma” and “Phuean”. “Phuean”, he added, remains the only song has never been recorded.
The three also played instrumental versions of “Mee Pieng Rao” and “Taratat”.
For fans of the band, it was a memorable night and even a poor sound system didn’t ruin the show. It was also evident that everyone would love to see Pause return to the music circle. But for that they need a singer with an exceptional voice.