Jennifer gets vocal on 'Voice'

Art July 20, 2012 00:00

By The Nation
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Singer Jennifer Kim is getting set to be a commentator-coach on the Thai version of "The Voice" - filling the "woman's slot" on the panel like Christina Aguilera does on US television.

Lips magazine asked her what her first thought was when she was offered the slot. “Big money,” she joked. It felt like she’d found a wealthy husband.

But her customary wit aside, Jennifer realises it’s a challenge. She has people gathering tapes of “The Voice” as it appears in other countries so she can see how the different commentators operate.

A fan of “So You Think You Can Dance”, another hit American show, Jennifer believes the evaluators’ comments really make a difference in terms of viewer enjoyment. “I fear seeing contestants and fans disappointed,” she frets, “but I know my duty and I vow to offer sincere comments, even if they’re harsh.”

Jennifer plans to lay it on the line for viewers that she’s not a teacher, nor prone to sentiment. “I’m hired to do my job and make the show successful.”

Moreover, she wants to prove that, contrary to popular opinion, a beautiful voice is good enough by itself. “It’s wrong to assume you need more than good voice. People tend to believe that the singer has to dress up and get a good stylist. We have never found a voice in Thailand that can create a phenomenon by itself – but I’m looking forward to it.”

Classy clown

Myria “Nat” Benedetti keeps her long-hospitalised mother cheered up by taking her boyfriend Atichart “Aum” Chumnanon along on visits. He joins her whenever he’s free.

“Aum does all sorts of things,” Nat says. “He gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He flexes his muscles like a bodybuilder and makes her laugh. They’re just small things but they’re great moments.”

Asked what she’s got planned for Mother’s Day next month, Nat says every day is Mother’s Day for her, and the best gift for Mum is a visit.