James knocks 'em dead

music September 15, 2012 00:00

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

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The RS singer returns to stage with some of his contemporaries


He’s been a successful singer, tried his hand at acting and run a music school but Ruangsak “James” Loychusak proved that he can still cut it on stage last Saturday in his long-awaited concert at Impact Arena in Muang Thong Thani, drawing thunderous applause from an adoring audience.
Deafening screams echoed around the arena when a siren signalled the start of the show and the heartthrob artist appeared on stage with his first set of three songs – the danceable “Siren Love”, “Dai Wela … Jam” and “Khao Man Kai”.
He greeted his fans, all of them frantically waving light sticks, and took them back to the past with songs from his 1995 debut  “Khon Raek” and “Tho Ha Kan Noi”, both of which had the audience singing along.
“I’ve been in the music business for 17 years and think that my fans must be over 25 by now,” said James, drawing laughter from the crowd.
The concert featured tracks from his nine albums from 1995’s “Dai Wela … James” to 200’s “Saeb Story” in addition to such special projects as “Dee Mak Loei” featuring Dome Pakorn Lump from “The X-Venture” and “Khon Ngo Ngo” and “Ok Hak Mak Rak Kap Phom” from “Mission 4 Project”, which included Dome, Joni Anwar and Voy. Wisely perhaps, most of the songs on set list were extracted from his first few albums.
James closed out the first part with “Chub … Chub … Chub”, a dance song re-arranged with a 3 cha rhythm in luk thung (Thai folk country) style.
The second segment of the show featured his guests. Napassorn “Momay” Buranasiri was the first to come out on stage performing her hit “Kraduk Kradik”. She was followed by Lakana “Aon” Huangmaneerungrote with “Aon Wai” and Suttida “Nook” Kasemsan Na Ayuttaya with “Thorn Sai Bua” before the girls joined up for Raffy-Nancy’s “UFO”.
Momay asked why James chose such a strange pose for his concert poster but didn’t wait for a answer, instead telling him that it was perhaps time he said goodbye to his “khao man kai” (rice steamed with chicken) as with the opening of his restaurant comedian Koh Tee’s had the dibs on khao man kai.
James turned to speak with Nook and made fun of her song, asking her if it hurt to “thorn sai bua”, the old word for curtsy though a more common meaning is “pulling the lotus stem out”. Nook was quick to retort that it didn’t hurt as much as “thorn mon” (breaking off an engagement), referring to the former relationship between James and Sasikarn Apichartvorasilp.
The girls left James alone to sing a cover of Giant’s “Jeb Praeb” then “Star” with Joey from Bazoo and “Kakieng Huajai”.
His next guests were the three guys from Boy Scout, who managed to make the audience scream ever louder, almost drowning out the words to “Pod Pod”, “Kiku Anone” and “Khor Khuen”.
James closed out the night with “Rai Tua Ton” and “Khao Man Kai”, choosing the sing-along ballad “Mai Arj Plien Jai” as his encore.