Jaa gets Muay Thai Live Award, ducks questions

Art April 17, 2015 01:00

By ntsoopsip@gmail.com

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High-kicking action star Phanom "Tony Jaa" Yeerum had barely been back in Thailand for five minutes from attending the premiere of his first Hollywood film "Fast and Furious 7" in Los Angeles before he had to rush to Asiatique the Riverfront to receive an

The actor has just been honoured with the first Muay Thai Live Award handed out by the hit show “Muay Thai Live the Legend Lives” in recognition of his efforts in promoting Thai boxing to the world.
After receiving the award from the Culture Ministry’s secretary-general Professor Apinan Pasayananda, Jaa allocated just 15 minutes to the press, probably aware that they would have plenty of questions that he might not want to answer.
The press, however, didn’t seem too interested by his announcement on stage that he was dedicating the award to his late father for introducing him to muay Thai despite the fact that the two had been estranged since a very public blow-out.
What they wanted to know was if he had resolved the conflict with his former studio Sahamongkol Film, which had attempted to prevent the release of “Furious 7” in Thailand with a court injunction.
Pressed for a reply, Jaa said he had left all entire mess to his lawyer to sort out.
Hardly satisfied, the reporters dug their heels in and asked whether he was expecting Sahamongkol to seek an injunction to block next Thursday’s Thai release of “Skin Trade”, the crime drama Jaa stars in with Dolph Lundgren.
Jaa again evaded the question, merely saying that everyone was doing their job, and his was to act, make films and promote muay Thai. He followed up by urging the press only to report the good news rather than the scandals.
Scandalised by such a naive request, a journalist then asked about the Bt26 million for which Jaa is being sued by Sahamongkol Film, which was spent on his unfinished movie “Ai Noom Gangnam” (“A Man Will Rise”). The studio says Jaa had pushed for the project and then abandoned it, leaving with Lundgren to work on “Skin Trade”.
That left the actor speechless and visibly uncomfortable, and after posing with one reporter for a selfie, he was quickly whisked away by bodyguards.
Never preferable to late 
Rock-star-turned-actor Peter Corp Dyrendal has long struggled with punctuality and has earned a bit of a bad reputation for failing to turn up on time. Readers of Soopsip might remember complaints about his tardiness on the hit series “Ab Rak Online”, the reason apparently being that he was exhausted from looking after his newborn son. The success of the series brought him offers for well-paid product launches and while he honoured a few, Peter found himself in hot water a few months back when he failed to show for an event for which he’d already been paid.
The organiser complained loudly about the actor’s lack of discipline and Peter’s manager sheepishly handed the money back. The actor, meanwhile, stayed out of the limelight for a while and made things a whole lot worse by talking about the problem. He noted that people were probably sick of his excuse about taking care of his son even though it was true then added that his passion for riding his big bike out in the countryside was another cause for his lateness.
His explanation for the no-show was that his new management team had accepted the job but he wasn’t comfortable with it and even joked that he had eventually turned up only to find everything was already over.
And now Peter is in even hotter water. Earlier this week, Thai Rath reported that he had pulled out of his new TV drama “Sailab Rak Puan”, in which he plays opposite Chermarn “Ploy” Boonyasak, after failing to turn up for the first day of shooting. One of the other members of cast has since confirmed on his Facebook page that this is true, explaining that he was given the responsibility of standing in for Peter.