In the footsteps of the King

Art March 31, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Byrdland's animated characters pay tribute to His Majesty in a new story that kicks off tonight

GMM Grammy and Shellhut Entertainment are paying respect to His Majesty the King on occasion of his 84th birthday anniversary with a special story in the animated TV series “Byrdland”. “Tam Roi Phra Raja” (“Follow the Great King’s Steps”) will telecast on Channel 3 every Saturday and Sunday at 7.30pm starting from tonight.

“We want Thai people, especially kids, to really appreciate the King’s duties as well as to gain knowledge while being entertained,” says Busaba Daoruang, GMM Grammy’s CEO.
“The story opens with a group of children going on a travel adventure around the world with Phi Bird [Thongchai McIntyre] as their adviser.”
“The King’s has so many abilities. He’s an excellent sportsman and a musician. It’s important that children and of course the Thai people know what His Majesty does for us,” says Thongchai, who is the main character in the animated TV series.
This story has 26 episodes, all of them related to the King’s duties and projects. They are titled “Fon Luang Part I”, “Kanghan Nam Chaipattana”, “Keera Khaeng Ruabai”, “Gamling”, “Fai Chalor Nam”, “Saphan Wong Waen”, “Klang-Din”, “Akkra Silapin”, “Dao Thiem Kong Thai”, “Keera Kue Ya Wiset”, “Withee Por Pieng”, “Karn Pattana Chonabot”, “Cheewit Karn Rien Roo”, “Pla Nil Chitralada”, “Fon Luang Part II”, “Rak Kong Ya Faek”, “Saxophone”, “Khong Khwan Kong Squawky”, “Chumchon Kemkang”, “Tua Note Hang Pleng Jazz”, “Withayu Krajai Sieng”, “Puean Phoo Narak”, “Prasopkarn Klang Jaeng”, “Non Nangsue”, “Song Kham Auayporn” and “Pleng Phra Raja”.
“I didn’t know about the King’s duties but I’ve learned a lot about them during my time as a voice actor,” says Thai-French artist Chinawut Indracusin.
“We surprised this is a cartoon animation created by Thai people. It’s every bit as beautiful as a foreign animation,” says Palitchok “Peck” Ayanabutra, another voice actor.
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