Hotelier Noi makes room for music

Art November 26, 2012 00:00

By The Nation
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It's good news and bad news for Pru fans

While you’ll have to wait at least two years for a new album from the rock group, the good news is that singer Krissada “Noi” Sukosol Clapp will release a solo album sometime this year.

“Actually, I finished the songs for the new album three years ago, but my focus has been on the Siam Hotel,” Noi says in the debut Thai edition of the French magazine Numero. “I only have to go back to the studio and do the recording. I have a plan to reunite with the band. It may be in two years’ time.”

Also a prominent film actor, the scion of the Sukosol hotel family spoke about his passion for his “child”, the recently opened Siam Hotel, a boutique riverside resort in Bangkok. He’s spent the last six years developing the property.

But he hasn’t turned his back on music. For his solo album, he enlisted songwriter Boyd Kosiyabong along with a line-up of other leading “hitmen”, including Nittipong “Dee” Hornak, Stamp Apiwat and Boy Tribhumirat, to compose the lyrics.

Absent from the music scene for six years, Noi says he’s aiming for a different sound than Pru’s rock.

“The new album will be a lot softer as I don’t like my voice in the rock tone.”

Running a hotel and performing music aren’t all that dissimilar, he says – both are about creating another reality for people to inhabit.

The difference, he says, is that music can be edited or re-done before it’s released. But a hotel, once built, is harder to fix.

To him, the hotel is not all about business, because it mixes art into its design.

 “That’s why I dedicate my time and imagination,” he says.

Noi isn’t sure about when he might perform his music live. It all depends on his feeling and the circumstances.

From a fan’s perspective, an exclusive mini-concert at the Siam Hotel would be an ideal. Fans can indulge themselves with his music and see for themselves the child he’s been nurturing for the past six years.