High jinx with J-Lo

music December 08, 2012 00:00

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

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The singer, actress and 'American Idol' judges wows the crowds in her debut Singapore show

Mobile phone operator True Move H this week flew 50 Thais to Singapore to catch American pop star Jennifer Lopez’s sold out Tuesday night concert at Gardens by the Bay. The trip was True Move H’s third project for 2013 and organised after news broke that the Latino diva’s Bangkok show had been put on hold until next year due to scheduling clashes on her “Dance Again World Tour”.

The 15,000-odd concert-goers, Singaporean and expats alike, braved both rain and delays to make it to the show in the Gardens, a venue that captures the essence of Singapore as a perfect environment in which to live and work.

The Meadow, which is shaped like a flower bowl, and offers a panoramic view of the cooled conservatories, is the country’s largest outdoor venue and ideal for a concert. Yet despite strict regulations that prohibit smoking, burning cigarettes could be smelt over quite a large area.

The crowd stood eagerly in front of stage, despite the grass being wet and muddy. Some even removed their raincoats and used them as seats. The excitement was palpable and I was reminded of the atmosphere at Big Mountain, Thailand's largest music festival.

As the music stopped and the lights dimmed, screams reverberated through the night air as the 43-year-old Latino dancer-singer-actress all dressed in white burst on to stage on the shoulders of her top-hatted male dancers. She quickly stripped off to reveal a form-fitting sparkling catsuit that revealed her curves to perfection and walked from one side of the stage to the another, her right hand raised before starting to move in perfect sync her dancers to “Get Right”.

A quick glance back at the crowd revealed that just about everyone was pointing their cell phones and shooting video.

“Singapore, I wanna hear you,” shouted Lopez walking on the catwalk as she segued into “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”. Breathing hard, probably because of exhaustion and the heat, she asked, “do you wanna dance with me? Are you tgonna sing with me?” as the intro to “I’m Into You” blasted through the speakers. Fans danced again to “Waiting for Tonight” while J-Lo performed some neat moves on a white moving platform.

Next came a video presentation featuring a couple boxers throwing punches in a ring and Lopez tuned into the mood, returning to stage in a silver crop top and sweatpants. Shouting to the audience to put their hands up for “Goin’ In”, she then switched to a medley that featured of “I’m Real”, “All I Have” and “Ain’t It Funny”. Before performing “Jenny from the Block”, she told the crowd, “I’m just a simple girl from the Bronx”, then segued into “Hold It, Don’t Drop It”.

J-Lo slowed down the tempo with an acoustic rendering of “If You Had My Love”, the number one single from her first album, telling the audience to hold their phones up and join in.

A video interlude with theatrical music entertained during the intermission but the diva was soon back, playing a solo on the conga before exploding into “Let’s Get Loud”, “Papi” and “On the Floor”.

As the lights dimmed on stage signalling the end of the show, the audience started clapping and cheering loudly. Much to everyone’s delight, she did eventually reappear, performing an energetic “Dance Again” before fading finally into the night.