He's pushy but principled

Art September 10, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Celebrated shutterbug Nat Prakobsantisuk speaks his mind in Praew magazine, where he once worked as a stylist.

 “Is it true you’re tough to work with and you throw tantrums at your crew or any star on the set?” he’s asked. “Yes, it is true,” he admits, but he scares people to make sure the end result is perfect. Sometimes he just pretends to be angry.

As Thailand’s top photographer, Nat is always shooting big stars, and he gets along well with most of them, but he keeps a blacklist. The magazine wouldn’t print one of the names he mentioned. “She once came two hours late and then had only three hours to work with me. Anyone who doesn’t respect my work, such as by refusing to get a manicure or have their hair done, or who acts like a Madonna with an inflated ego, that’s the type I put on the blacklist.”

Other Nat rules: No harm must be caused to His Majesty the King, family or friends, and “I turn down jobs where I don’t believe in the concept.

“I refuse to shoot a commercial where a dark-skinned w

oman tries to get a man to fall for her by making her skin fairer. I use a whitener myself, but I don’t believe people love each other because of skin colour.”

Nat is always in demand thanks to his dedication to excellence. “In a photograph, every single detail matters. It’s like the German architect Mies van der Rohe said – ‘God is in details.’”

Do the don’ts

DJ, record producer, songwriter and businessman Suharit “Toe” Siamwala has tweeted that the theme for his campaign for the Bangkok governor’s seat will be “Surprise and Fun Suharit Run Bangkok”.

“I’ll have people helping me think outside the box about all aspects of living in Bangkok,” he says. Such as his “don’t vote for me” pitch: “Don’t vote for me if you think Bangkok is already green enough, or if you’re happy cycling in the city.”