Has hunky Peter found a mate?

Art August 20, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Thai-Danish singer-actor Peter Corp Dyrendal is handsome and talented, but he's been heartbroken in his time, he tells Dichan magazine.

“When I was sad I just kept playing my computer games. It kept my mind occupied.”

Likely no need for digital diversions these days. He says he’s seeing someone special at the moment, not least because she’s Thai, whereas he’s usually stuck to foreign girls in the past, mostly because he couldn’t speak Thai so well.

Peter speaks Thai much better now, but sorry girls – as we said, he’s taken. You might catch a glimpse of him on his own, but that’s just because he doesn’t want his girlfriend getting “bored” with his activities. He doesn’t want her getting jealous, either.

“I have a lot of female fans, and a possessive girlfriend might not understand if she saw a photo of me with one of them.”

Hang in there, girlfriend, whoever you are, because Peter says marriage is “a beautiful thing”. “I want true love and an unbroken marriage, so it will take me longer than other people to decide.”


You have to move fast if you want concert tickets these days, and not just when Lady Gaga’s in town. Big-time scalping has reared its ugly head.

Thailand now has “entrepreneurs” grabbing blocks of seats as soon as they go on sale and then reselling them for a profit, as much as twice the face value.

The Sensation dance extravaganza at Impact Arena this past weekend was sold out and a lot of people ended up paying Bt5,000 instead of Bt2,500. Gaga’s notoriety drove seat prices up to Bt7,000 – and that was from some guy outside the stadium.

Let’s watch what happens when Maroon 5 get here in October. All 10,000 tickets for their show sold out within 72 hours of going on sale. “I suspect some of the buyers may resell their tickets because the demand was so great,” a BEC-Tero spokesperson says with unimpeachable calm.