Going so fast she can't stop

Art June 25, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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News host Suquan Bulakul knew she'd have to do a lot of running when she was cast as a marathon competitor in "Rak 7 Pee Dee 7 Hon" ("Seven Something"), a film made specially to celebrate GTH's seventh anniversary.

But she certainly didn’t expect to become addicted to the exercise.

Suquan begrudgingly acceded to her all-time least-favourite sport when director Jira “Keng” Malikool insisted she practise running for real, not just for reel. She gave it a shot – this was her movie debut, after all – but soon despaired.

“I even got Phee Keng to change the script,” she says, but he stood firm on her at least mastering five kilometres. The flooding last year swamped her neighbourhood so she moved to Korat. Finally, six weeks into the grind, the running didn’t seem so bad. By now, it’s ecstasy. Cameras or not, you couldn’t get Suquan to stop running if you tried.


What does comedienne Sudarat “Tukkie” Butrprom have in common with A-list actresses Patcharapa “Aum” Chiachue, Kemmanij “Pancake” Jamikorn and Araya “Chompoo” A Hargate? She’s now a presenter for Mistine cosmetics too.

There’s been no official announcement as yet, but a photo has been making the rounds lately showing Tukkie with a lipstick in her hand.

The online reaction has wavered between doubt that she can match the appeal of Thailand’s most beautiful actresses and the reality check that no one believes Aum, Chompoo or Pancake would ever actually use Mistine.

“Every time I see a famous star advertising one of their products, I immediately think they surely must use pricier brands,” says a Pantip.com post. Agreed, says another. “The brand targets the masses, and Tukkie’s is a very popular comedian. People in the provinces will love this.”

So the consensus seems to be that Tukkie’s an excellent choice. She might not be as beautiful as the other girls, but she looks more like the real Mistine user. Next question: Is she getting paid as much as the others?