'Gangnam' brings a Psy of relief

Art August 27, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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If you haven't heard about "Gangnam Style" yet, what rock have you been living under?


 It’s been covered in Time, on CNN, in the Wall Street Journal, on Huffington Post and just about every Thai-language newspaper, as well as the great wall of Twitter.

Okay, we admit we somehow missed this particular viral too (or wilfully ignored it until now).

“Gangnam Style” is what chubby 34-year-old South Korean rapper Psy (“short for Psycho”) calls music. It popped up last month in a hilarious video that’s now had 52 million views on YouTube. And, of course, everybody’s doing a cover version.

Despite his heft, Psy has some ferocious moves. The tune is catchy too, and check out the lyrics if you can find a translation. The choreography has been called bizarre, but Psy (okay, his real name is Jae-Sang Park) told the Washington Post that he’s simply “not like a normal entertainer”.

Psy says he had no intention of becoming this big a star, not even in South Korea, but the media have a way of changing people’s status when they all agree that someone deserves it. “Gangnam Style” shot to the top of the iTunes music-video chart, shoving aside old-timers like Justin Bieber, whose 15 minutes must be up by now anyway.

Katy Perry wondered why her latest video had suddenly dropped to No 3. Informed why, she tweeted to 25 million fans, “Help, I’m in a gangnam style k hole!”

Psy pounced with a reply tweet to Perry: “I’m the very PSY of the video. kk this is a Huge pleasure to be introduced by U. Please follow me if possible.”

As for the boy wonder Bieber, Psy travelled to the US last week to meet Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun. Sounds like they could cook up a duet, although Psy would be well advised to hold out a little longer and see if Lady Gaga is interested too. She might want to squeeze him into one of her meat suits.