GTH lands in seventh heaven

Art August 04, 2012 00:00

By The Nation
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Studio GTH's seventh-anniversary omnibus triptych "Rak 7 Pee Dee 7 Hon" ("Seven Something") quickly raked in Bt40 million in its first seven days in theatres.


Even compared to its blockbusters “ATM Er Rak Error” and “Laddaland”, which earned better than Bt100 million each, that’s a fantastic first week.
GTH president Visute Poolvaralaks is sure the final take will surpass Bt70 million, but it’s already the studio’s top-grossing film in the romantic-drama category.
“Seven Something” also marks the return of director Jira Malikool following his 2005 flop “Maha’lai Maung Rae” (“The Tin Mine”), which he joked got him “red-carded” from the business for a while.
So while GTH enjoys its seventh birthday, Jira is finding the number seven lucky too. Mind you, he’s taking another risk with “42.195”, the segment he contributes to the film, depicting a woman in her 40s trying to improve her life through marathon running.
Visute says the studio is attempting in the process to delve into other genres, regardless of the risk at the box office. “We started last year with ‘Top Secret’,” he says, referring to the hit biographical comedy-drama about youthful fried-seaweed snacks tycoon Aitthipat Kulapongvanich. “We’ll keep doing it and prove that we can make more than romance, horror and comedy,” he says.
They just need to keep rolling those sevens!
A bit itchy
Love, they say, knows no boundaries. But what’s the deal with the photo making the rounds of famous transvestite comedian Natthee “Thong Thong” thiraseriwong and a young Army captain graduating from a prestigious Bangkok university? 
Thong Thong appears to be merely congratulating the military lad, but showbiz reporters came up with the caption “Thong Thong unveils his special someone”. Debate ensued in the online chat-rooms after some said the relationship was inappropriate. 
Thong Thong has said the man is just “a close family member”, but he’s also said he’s been over the moon since this man came into his life. He might want to clarify things just a little better.