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Top designers from Asia and France showcase their creations at the upcoming Siam Paragon International Couture Fashion Week

Thailand’s Flynow, Nagara and Theatre are among the top fashion houses who’ll be showcasing the hand-woven Thai silks from Her Majesty the Queen’s Support Foundation at next month’s Siam Paragon International Couture Fashion Week 2012.

They’ll be joined by French couturier Christophe Josse, Frederick Lee from Singapore, Korean Lie Sang Bong and Japanese designer Yumi Katsura at the event, which also which also marks the Queen’s 80th birthday.

Flynow’s Chamnan Pakdeesuk is presenting a collection called “Simplicity” that he says “reinvokes the simple yet elegant look in form and design. The looks are timeless and classic without fancy decoration at all. They represent refined dressmaking.”

To add a touch of rustic charm, traditionally woven textiles are chosen for this collection with clothes made from thick cotton reminiscent of the material used by the Chinese to swaddle their newborn.

Hand-embroidered Hmong hilltribe fabric is also matched with silk, organza silk, chiffon and leather. Quilting is used to full effect. The collection, in classic hues like black, dark blue, dark brown and beige, emphasises the perfect fit.

Nagara by acclaimed veteran designer Nagara Sambandaraksa, who is best known for his use of Thai silk and hand-painted skill infused with contemporary eastern and western designs, is presenting “Techno Dragon”. Inspired by the oriental mythical creature, the collection employs luxurious Thai silk, hand-woven cotton, chiffon and satin, reflecting the exotically iridescent dragon scales. Bright neon colours give a bold modern touch. The collection uses advanced dyeing techniques and exquisite hand embroidery.

Theatre’s Sirichai Dahanont says his outfits are inspired by Renaissance nightgowns, with lace as the main decorative element on silk and hand-woven fabric. White, black, gold and silver are the selected palettes. The silhouette is loose and voluminous. To add a touch of novelty, the designer has added a masculine look that will impress with a beautiful cut and attention to every detail.

Josse, owner of French haute couture brand Christophe Josse, will be presenting outfits under the title “Opulently uncluttered”. The collection advocates an uncluttered design, fluidity and a total control in its effects. The shell volume, suspended over a skirt, is a perfect example of this notion of “emphatic restraint.” This opulent yet Spartan design reflects the work of the Japanese architect Tadao Ando and is the basis of Jousse’s autumn winter 2012-2013 line.

Frederick Lee, celebrated for creating one-of-its-kind wedding and evening gowns of ultimate glamour, is one of the most sought after designers in Singapore and around the region. His exquisite cutting-edge creations are such showstoppers that he is often commissioned to design for events and invited to represent Singapore in the realm of fashion. His global fusion fashion collection juxtaposes Oriental, Asian and African inspirations to form a modern ethnic look.

Another celebrated Asian designer showcasing his spectacular creations at the prestigious SICFW2012 is Paris-based Korean Lie Sang Bong, often referred to as “the Korean McQueen” for his outstanding style and vision. He’ll be showing his latest creation “Discourse of the Body” using a variety of techniques to create shape and form to present a new definition of beauty. The collection features embroideries, exquisite cutting techniques, and fabrications. Lie Sang Bong’s unique executions of silhouettes emphasising the beauty of a woman’s body involve extensive and experimental studies of cutting and pattern making. The result is a harmonious fusion of luxurious fabrics including silk, lace, and beads, and innovative designs such as a hologram. The collection ranges from classic black and white, to bright colours for spring and summer.

Representing Japan is one of the country’s most celebrated designers, Yumi Katsura, who is renowned for her magnificent bridal creations. Katsura is celebrated for her ability to combine Japanese traditions and craftsmanship with sophisticated dressmaking techniques and contemporary patterns. Her latest bridal collection “Wonderful East Meets West” is an exquisite blend of traditional style and innovation. Her representative at the press conference says she will be showing three dresses using Thai silk.

In addition to the fashion shows, SICFW2012 features two exhibitions, one showcasing rare and ancient Thai textiles and the other a collection from the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles. Thanpuying Charungjit Teekara, Her Majesty’s deputy private secretary, says the display will include Her Majesty the Queen’s Thai traditional gown, which features ancient Southern style embroidery as well as the lavishly elegant costumes of the main characters of “Khon Nang Loi”.

She adds that Her Majesty believes that the greatest creations occur when artists are happy. “By preserving and promoting Thai textiles, Her Majesty hopes local people will carry on their traditions without feeling they have to turn to modern production techniques that will cost them much more.”


- Siam Paragon International Couture Fashion Week 2012 runs from September 25 to 30. The exhibitions start on September 25 while the fashion shows kick off on September 27, as follows.

- Thursday, September 27

8pm: Lie Sang Bong by Samsung

- Friday, September 28

6.30: Theatre

8pm: Yumi Katsura

9.30pm: Nagara by Citibank

- Saturday September 29

7pm: Frederick Lee

8.30: Flynow

- Sunday 30 September, 2012

7pm: Christophe Josse