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movie & TV March 06, 2012 00:00

By Parinyaporn Pajee
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Ten French films start screening at Central World this weekend. Book your tickets now

Movie fans are in for a real treat this month as the French Film Festival returns to Bangkok as part of La Fete. In keeping with the organisers’ promise to spread the joy countrywide, movie buffs in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Koh Samui and Khon Kaen have already enjoyed French Cinema Week. The event kicks off on Friday at SF World Cinema, CentralWorld and the opening will be graced by British actress Kristin Scott Thomas, who has lived in France for several years and is the star of "Sarah’s Key", showing on Saturday at 8pm.

The screenings, which continue until March 18, are all in French with English subtitles unless otherwise specified. Tickets cost Bt120 and Bt100 for students with a SF Student Card. There’s also a special package priced at Bt500 for 5 tickets. Call (02) 268 8888 or visit


The Name of Love (Le nom des gens)

Friday, 8pm

March 17, 2.45pm

Young extrovert Baya Benmahmoud lives by the motto "make love, not war". To convert her political enemies to her cause, she sleeps with them – and that means a lot of men, because every conservative is her enemy! When she meets Arthur Martin, she figures that with such a common name (there are more than 10,000 Arthur Martins in France), he’s bound to be a real conservative and thus hard to convert.

Service Entrance (Les femmes du 6eme etage)

Saturday, 12.30pm

March 18, 2.45pm

The lives of a conservative couple are turned upside down when exuberant Spanish maids move into their building’s sixth floor.

Wolberg’s Family (La famille Wolberg)

Saturday, 2.45pm

March 14, 8pm

Simon is the Mayor of a town in the French Basque Country, and the kind of person who does everything he can to gather his scattered family, even when the other family members are not so interested. His older daughter’s birthday will be the perfect excuse for him to put his suspicions about his wife’s infidelity on the table. This is the starting point for a family crisis that’s full of accusations and clashes.

A Happy Event (Un heureux evenement)

Saturday, 5.45pm

March 16, 8pm

Remi Bezancon’s incisive, yet tender and humorous, feature follows a young couple whose carefree lifestyle is interrupted by the birth of their first child, a happy event that also turns their world completely upside-down.


Sarah’s Key (Elle s’appelait Sarah)

Saturday, 8pm

March 17, 17 5om

Kristin Scott Thomas plays an American journalist Julia Jarmond who investigates the terrible rounding up of Parisian Jews and their incarceration in the bicycle stadium, Vel’d'Hiv, during the Nazi occupation of France. Tracing her way back through events, her path crosses that of Sarah, who was ten years old on that fateful day in July 1942. For Julia, what was intended to be a subject of an article then becomes of a personal nature, revealing a family mystery.


A Checkout Girl’s Big Adventures (Les Tribulations d'Une Caissiere)

Sunday, 12.30pm

March 17, 12.30pm

Life isn't always gay for Solweig, a checker in a supermarket. But she smiles through it all, despite the often unpleasant remarks made by clients and her cantankerous boss. Perhaps she copes by keeping a secret blog, in which she opens up, with humour, about her difficult daily life. One evening, in the snow, she crosses paths with Charles... The young man immediately falls in love with her, without realising that they are not from the same world. But if a simple blog can change the lives of thousands of clerks, can’t we be allowed to believe in a fairytale?

Deep in the Woods (Au Fond Des Bois)

Sunday, 2.45pm

March 18, 5pm

Based on a real-life 19th century trial, the film recounts the abduction of Josephine, the daughter of a respectable country doctor. Deeply religious and mentally unstable, Josephine succumbs to a bewitching vagabond named Timothe and leaves the family home to follow him deep into the woods. But did she leave of her own free will or was she forced?

Love Like Poison (Un poison violent)

Sunday, 5pm

March 15, 8pm

Teenager Anna comes home from her Catholic boarding school for the holidays and discovers her father has left. Her mother is devastated and confined in the company of the local priest, who is also a childhood friend. Anna grows close to Pierre – a teenager who cares little about God - and founds her faith shaken, just as she is preparing for her confirmation.


Sunday, 7pm

March 13, 8pm

Karim Dridi’s film tells the story of Khamsa who flees from his foster family to the gypsy camp where here was born where his youth and innocence will rapidly fade away as he spirals down into delinquency.


Altogether Too Many! (Ensemble c’est Trop)

Monday, 8pm

March 18, 12.30pm

Clementine and Sebastien, young, overwhelmed parents, stretched between their work and children, find themselves further burdened with Marie-France, Sebastien’s mother, who comes to stay with them after she discovers that her husband Henri has been cheating on her and is now expecting a baby with his mistress.