Camera bags get fun and photogenic

lifestyle July 29, 2012 00:00

By Marquie Leelatham
The Nation

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Preaw Kitchaicharoen's dazzling totes for shutterbugs are a hit on Facebook


Patcha “Preaw” Kitchaicharoen has a passion |for photography and knows what her fellow enthusiasts – especially the women – look |for in a camera case. The cases she designs for DSLR, compact, Lomo and Polaroid cameras |are eccentric yet still fully functional, varying in colour from classic sepia brown to wild neon lemonade. She’s got polka dots too if you want them.
The Srinakharinwirot University decorative-arts graduate creates the patterns on her own and every bag is made by hand. Her brand, called Spoiled Rotten, has no actual shop. You just join her 4,500 fans on Facebook. 
“When I was planning my business I was very adamant about what I wanted and didn’t want. The English term for wanting things your own way all the time is ‘spoiled rotten’, so that’s what I chose for the brand name,” says Preaw, 25.
The prices range from Bt1,000 to Bt3,500 depending on the bag size and the intricacy of the design. Preaw produces around 100 models every two weeks, ensuring that no two are alike – a boon for women who know that imitation isn’t flattering, it’s irritating. 
Preaw says 70 per cent of her customers are female and many of the male buyers are purchasing gifts for their sweethearts. What everyone has in common is a love of cameras.
Customers can specify a particular pattern or colour. The page on Facebook has a “Made to Order” selection. Preaw even posts photographs of satisfied customers with their cases. It’s a way of making them feel “acknowledged”, she says. “It builds the business-customer relationship and forms bonds and friendships between us.”
Check out the cases on the Facebook page “SpoiledRotten.CameraCase” or call Preaw at (089) 669 0050.