Blockbuster bells are ringing for "Teacher's Diary"

Art March 17, 2014 00:00

4,000 Viewed

The latest romantic comedy from studio GTH, "Teacher's Diary" ("Kidtueng Wittaya") premieres on Thursday and, as usual with GTH movies, anticipation is soaring.

Views of the official trailer on YouTube have topped 367,000 and there are more than 5,000 comments, almost all positive.

It turns out that quite a few of those views can be attributed to the movie’s leading man, Sukrit “Bie” Wisetkaew. As soon as he’d wrapped up his scenes for “Diary”, Bie flew to New York to begin rehearsals for his first-ever play there. “The plane had only just touched the runway and I started feeling homesick already,” he says. “So whenever I’ve had free time I’ve watched the movie trailer. I guess I’ve seen it 40 times!”

You can’t blame the guy: Apart from homesickness, the title role represents Bie’s feature-film debut, and remember he’s been in the business for eight years, so it’s got to mean a lot to him.

Much of the public anticipation probably also stems from the fact that the director is Nithiwat Tharathorn, whose career started with a bang in 2003 when he served as one of the six directors of “Fan Chan”, a smash hit whose fans have never forgotten the thrill. Nithiwat followed that up with the teen romance “Seasons Change”, his first solo, in 2006, and it struck all the right youthful chords too.

“Teacher’s Diary” is his first movie since 2009’s “Dear Galileo”, so he’s on pins and needles as well. But he can rest assured that his stars, Bie and Chermarn Boonyasak, who both have huge fan bases, will carry the day.

Over in the Big Apple, meanwhile, Bie can’t stop thinking about the Big Mango and sounds awfully excited about the premiere. “I’d love to see the reaction when it’s being screened,” he says. “I’d love for people to love it since it’s my first film. We put a lot of effort into it and it’s a film I love. I was so happy acting in it.”


Tuk on the dole

Yanee “Tuk” Chongwisuth hasn’t yet lost her cool about losing a prominent job co-hosting the Poly Plus-produced TV show “VIP”. Having calmed down everyone who was jumping to conclusions about her departure, she’s generating giggles elsewhere, though still not on another show of her own.

People assumed Tuk had become a victim of politics, but she insisted that she and Pattarapon “Paul” Sinlapajan had been hosting the show for 10 years and it was time for a change. “I’d been informed before the news leaked,” she said last week, referring to the word passed down from Poly Plus chief Orapan Watcharaphol, “and I truly understand about the change.”

Tuk acknowledged that the show’s ratings might suffer simply because its fans are so used to seeing the two of them onscreen, but meanwhile the job search goes on. “Was she actively looking for work?” a reporter asked her at a StarMax channel event. “That’s why I’m here!” she laughed.

Yes, she said more seriously, she’s got to find a job. “I love this work and I want to keep doing it forever. There’s nothing I love to do more.” One possible choice is having another go at being a TV producer. “But I don’t want to produce a show by myself. I did that many years ago and it was not fun running around after all the stars!”