Barbecue with a Brazilian flavour

lifestyle May 12, 2012 00:00

By Manote Tripathi
The Nation

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The Crown Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park is featuring a churrasco feast

In the high plains of southern Brazil, gauchos spit-roast large portions of beef, pork, lamb and poultry over the glowing coals of open fire pits. At the Panorama restaurant on the 23rd floor of the Crown Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park, visiting guest chef Edmilson Azevedo, born in Sao Paolo but now based at the Wildfire restaurant at the Crown Plaza Gurgaon near New Delhi, also uses original wood coals to grill his meats to Churrasco (barbecue) perfection.

These days most Churrascaria, as Brazilian steak houses are called, replace pit fires with brick grills, though they remain the gathering places for feasting and friendship. Azevedo, however, sticks to the original cooking tradition from the Pampa region that dates back hundreds of years.

Grilling over a fire pit must have been all sweat and no fun in the Pampa hills. At Panorama, Azevedo has brought along a colleague from India to help with the tiring and hot job. Diners have the luxury of observing the frenzy in the kitchen through a glass panel.

The chef explains through the resident American executive chef that the Brazilian-style buffet should begin with salad, a vast array of cheeses and smoked meats. I go with a New Zealand sauvignon blanc and sip it while munching P