At Disaya's for tea

Art August 23, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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The clothing brand pours a sweet cup of nostalgia with its winter collection


Fashion house Disaya is evoking a favourite moment of the day with its “My Cup of Tea Collection” of clothing for the coming winter.
Creative director Disaya Sorakraikittikul and her husband Danai, the label’s co-founder, recently hosted a posh but cosy English afternoon tea party to unveil the line. 
Jittapas Bhirombhakdi, Chanadda Chirathivat, Theerawan Pangsriwong, Sorat Amatayakul, Wannasiri Kongman, Pattree Pakdeebutr, Karatpetch Isara, Paiphannee Techanarong, Milin Yuvajaruskul, Ploy Horwang, Peechana Sanguansat, Chawaporn Laohapongchana, Pimchanok Palangkul, Pimpisa Chirathivat and Jesse Dorsey from the Boyy Bag brand were among those on hand.
“For Disaya girls, the decoration on clothes is very important,” Disaya says. “In this collection we use the culture of English tea, which people tend to think is obsolete. It forms the theme, with modern bits added to make the clothing cool and trendy. The result is the new look for afternoon tea, without ignoring the DNA of the brand, which is ‘a girl’s dream’.”
Printed patterns and new decoration techniques called “cake stacks”, “cup stacks”, “whipped cream mood”, and “blue and white porcelain” come into play. The colours are winter-fresh, from blueberry purple and milky cream to rose tea pink and liquorice black, as well as the blue and white porcelain prints. 
“The prints are taken from china patterns, mingled with naughty creatures normally found in the backyard, such as a cat, a rabbit, a mouse and a little nesting sparrow,” Disaya says. 
“So the catwalk is actually a ‘cat walk’, with the models strutting along lively with lovely cats in their arms to reflect the collection’s spirit.”
Disaya loves to use trompe l’oeil, creating optical illusions in which objects appear three-dimensional. Gemstones and pearls are sewn in by hand or dangle freely.
Sweet flower lace is customised for this collection. Laser dolls are layered in flower shapes on evening dresses. Ravishing liberty corduroy is overlaid with ambrosial creatures such as rabbits, swans and foxes.