Any pictures to show us, Willy?

Art December 06, 2011 00:00

By The Nation

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Geraldine "Yelly" Macintosh does most of the work rearing three-month-old Nong Wyn, but her hubby Willy, the actor and TV host, does most of the bragging.


He’s forever flaunting photos and videos of his boy.
“I’d say I’m addicted to showing off my little angel,” he tells our sister paper Kom Chad Luek in a Father’s Day interview. His friends know it.
“I realise that people are just being polite when they ask, ‘How’s your baby?’ but I just have to get out the photos and videos,” Willy admits.
Has having a baby had an impact on his routine? Yes, he hurries to finish work – “I don’t compromise on quality but I try to speed up” – and he’s loath to leave the family behind when travelling. He recently spent five days in France and was upset on his return to see how much of Wyn’s growing up he’d missed. 
“And my friends complain that they never see me anymore, but what can I do? I don’t want to miss any of Nong Wyn’s development!”
From the heart
If you’re struck by how Thongchai “Bird” McIntyre really sings from the heart while performing “Tam Roy Phra Raja” (“Follow in the King’s Footsteps”), he says please give the credit to his mentor, the late Rewat Bhuddinan.
Rewat founded GMM Grammy, through which Bird released the tune for His Majesty’s birthday. You can see it on YouTube at
Bird says he’s also a big fan of the King’s ideas about sufficiency economy. He has a house in Chiang Rai that he says isn’t “just a second home”. 
“We grow rice to eat and it’s enough to feed nine families. We grow our own vegetables and fruit. We even make our own fertiliser.” 
It’s a blissful existence with the extended family there and he appreciates every minute. “I was once rehearsing a dance routine and they called me to say they were starting the harvest. It gave me this strange but very happy feeling.”