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ADMAN Awards & Symposium 2012 unplugs a new theme

Advertising Association of Thailand (AAT) unveils the new theme for Adman Awards & Symposium 2012 - “Truly, Madly, Deeply” following the rapidly changing consumer behavior towards media consumption.

This is driven by a wide variety of new media, particularly "digital media" which has had an increasing influence on the general public, leading to a new communication approach that can deeply penetrate target groups and truly understand consumers in both "content" and "types of media used".

Mr. Parames Rachjaibun, chairman emeritus of Advertising Association of Thailand and chairman of the organizing committee of Adman Awards & Symposium 2012, said: "There are many new types of media entering today's communication world. The digital media in particular obviously has a major impact on communication strategy and brand building activities as witnessed by the growing popularity of more than 24 million internet users".

"In addition to this, social network communities like Facebook, youtube, Twitter, Instagram etc have all played an increasingly significant role in penetrating target audiences precisely and clearly whilst gaining immediate response from target groups and perfectly integrating with other mass media tools."

"In the meantime, while traditional media like TV has become far more advanced thanks to the widespread coverage of satellite TV, marketing communication is diversifying into new various media types that are able to approach consumers. Unfortunately, the problem is that the majority of ideas are ineffective to influence the target groups."

"The key to success for today's communication is the ability to have a deep understanding of consumers. The ideas that 'work' may not be the best ones in terms of creativity but must have the power to trigger consumers to buy or make them remember the brand's unique selling points."

Mr. Parames also added: ""Adman Awards & Symposium" is widely regarded as the centre stage with a great emphasis on 'recognizing upcoming trends' - overall communication efficiency and the adoption of up-and-coming media and 'recognizing effectiveness' - idea effectiveness in terms of creativity and commercial success."

"As such, the theme for Adman Awards & Symposium 2012 is "Truly, Madly, Deeply" and a good communication idea must reflect the theme literally."

Mr. Wibool Leepakpreeda and Mr. Passapol Limpisirisan, Join chairman of judging Panel further explained about the theme - "Truly, Madly, Deeply": "Effective communication nowadays must truly serve consumer needs, penetrate target groups precisely and understand them profoundly. The idea must reflect these elements in the "content" and "types of media used" for traditional and new media that are perfectly in accordance with the target audience's preferences."

"Judging good communication ideas these days is not based only on creativity and a touching story but also on the types of media used which are in line with consumer's behavior and lifestyle. Given the fact that there are various new alternative media in today's world that can reach each target group effectively, the question is how can we create the ideas that are full of "Truly, Madly, Deeply" elements to make consumers tick and buy the products. "Truly, Madly, Deeply" is not just about using digital media but creative people should go beyond all boundaries for striking new media that go against the tide", the two Join chairman concluded.

In response to the greater impact of digital media on today's communication, the new award category "Digital Agency of the Year" will be added in Adman Awards & Symposium 2012.

In terms of activities to stimulate participation from other parties like "Media Vote Award", Adman Awards & Symposium 2012 will also add the "Public Popular Vote Award" to generate public interest and involvement whilst at the same time teaming up with University of Thai Chamber of Commerce to organize a seminar "Advertising: A Journey Out of the Textbook" for college students.

Furthermore, Adman in collaboration with Brandage Magazine will also conduct a special Adman Symposium "Edvertising & Evolution" to unlock the key to effective communication in the digital age by providing useful information, interesting concepts and marketing latest trends as well as effective approaches to attract digital consumers.

This year, the overall advertising industry is expected to grow more than 5 % with a combined value of 109,000 million baht, as a result of fierce competition amongst consumer products and increasing consumption index. This is due largely to the growing trend of online media which may not represent a significant market share but does show a higher growth rate than that last year by 62 %

Adman Awards & Symposium 2011 will be held this coming October 10, 2012

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