A triumph for makeshift music

Art March 17, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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We'll see how the children get on with their free computer tablets from the government, but over at Suan Lumpini Primary School, those gadgets better be able to play music.


The school’s marching band won a major competition in Hong Kong in December, which was extra amazing considering the preparations. They practised marching with “air instruments” – imaginary ones. The drummers trained on tabletops.
Band members and their coach Pakada Asawateerakul told the tale on Modernine recently. She accepted the invitation to compete in Hong Kong without a clue as to how they’d cover the Bt3-million cost. “I just thought the kids deserved the chance!”
A TV appearance secured a sponsor in Singha Corp, but they still suffered a dearth of instruments, so Pakada had to cadge (and personally collect) gear from schools as far away as Krabi. Then they needed a place for 67 musicians to rehearse. They split the band up into smaller groups and marched around Lumpini Park.
Someone needs to work out on a computer tablet how much it would cost to make things a little easier for our talented youngsters.
Close to home
It’s looking like quite a year for actress Bongkot “Tak” Khongmalai. She’s in cinemas now, starring in the first Thai 3D movie, “Mae Nak 3D”.  And next month, she starts shooting a remake of “Jan Dara” with bhandevanop “Mom Noi” Devakula. She also has long wanted to direct a feature of her own.
Somewhere in between those projects, Tak will return to television for the first time in eight years. An intriguing script has lured her into her second series with the entertainment firm Exact.
“I was shocked at first to discover I’d be playing a mother,” she says, “but it’s a very interesting role because she fights with her son all the time.” 
Tak says other TV studios have pitched ideas, but none of the roles suited her. Exact might have succeeded because she and her mum famously used to battle a lot. It will be interesting to see how Tak handles the role reversal!