A sense of scent

Art August 25, 2016 01:00

By The Nation

French fragrance diffuser brand Lampe Berger brings four new perfumes to Thai homes

THIS AUTUMN bring fragrance and beauty to your home with a revolutionary little lamp created by Maurice Berger back in 1898.
Originally designed as a system of diffusion by catalysis to purify the air in hospitals, the fragrance lamp was soon being applied for private use, giving birth to the Lampe Berger Company. Today the brand, which is based in Paris, has nine branches in Bangkok and offers 51 fresh fragrances.
Nontakarn Dapparungsi Ng, the brand’s managing director for Thailand, recently introduced “Sweet Romance”, a collection of four new home fragrances – Floral Passion, Miss Violet, Mystery Patchouli, and Amber Powder.
Taking inspiration from nature, the collection not only removes odours while purifying the indoor air, but brings a touch of chic to every room. 
“We would like to highlight the subtleties of femininity as well as sweetness and strength. Aroma affects our emotions and mental state and having a Berger lamp in the bedroom or living room helps makes your home feel fresher. 
“The delicate floral fragrance of Floral Passion gives fruity top notes starting from peach and followed by jasmine, peony, and orris. They’re enhanced with base notes of praline, musk, and cedar. This is good for sleeping, as is Miss Violet, which has a fruity hint of vanilla-scented raspberry,” she says.
A more sensual composition, Mystery Patchouli gives off a calming scent beginning with subtle rose and blackcurrant, accompanied by soft and warm harmonies of sandalwood and balms, and finishing with a touch of captivating amber and patchouli. 
 Amber Powder suits larger rooms, welcoming guests with rose, lily of the valley and vanilla and finishing with a touch of amber and patchouli.
Unlike other home diffusers, sprays, or candles, Lampe Berger gives off no fumes and is free from harmful chemicals like benzene, styrene, naphthalene, formaldehyde, and acetaldehyde during diffusion. The ingredients contained in each Lampe Berger home fragrance are 100-per-cent natural and subject to strictly specific standards. 
The lamps are simple to use too: just fill it to two-thirds full, insert the burner and allow 20 minutes for first use. Then light the burner, wait for two minutes, blow out the flame and replace the mounting on the burner to purify and perfume the air. This takes around 20 minutes for eight square metres. To stop it, take the mounting off and put the extinguisher back on the burner.