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lifestyle March 25, 2012 00:00

By Pattarawadee Saengmanee
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From vitamin-enriched facials to the new Infusion Electro Mesotherapy, you'll find what you need at S Medical Spa

Waking up one morning, I was horrified to notice slack and wrinkled skin around my eyes. That might be acceptable on a 40-something but I’m only 28. Time to make an appointment with a specialist at the award-winning S Medical Spa, which has a reputation for combining relaxing treatments and medical programs.

For the past seven years, the spa has been offering a variety of treatments, all of them designed by Pakpilai Thavisin, as a one-stop service to optimise health, appearance and wellbeing.

Under the concept “rejuvenation through integrated health care”, most treatments are based on advanced aesthetic technologies and premium products extracted from natural ingredients, making them ideal for everyone.

Recently it launched a new facial treatment, called Eternal Youth Golden Lift that promises to improve wrinkled and loose skin and eliminate dark spots.

A treatment features a 15-minute consultation with Pakpilai, who analyses my particular problem. She explains the slack and wrinkled skin around the eyes is the result of not getting enough beauty sleep over a long period and suggests I try going to bed earlier. She also notices some light melasma on my right cheek. The culprit, she says, is the sun.

“The easy way to protect your skin from sunlight is to apply a facial sunscreen everyday, even when you’re staying at home. It’s very important because sunlight makes our skin parched, wrinkled, swarthy and blemished,” Pakpilai says.

An effective sun block should have SPF 30 to 60 for UVB protection. Those rays are particularly strong between 9am to 2pm. The block should also contain PA+++, which helps defend against the UVA spectrum, or invisible sunshine. Pakpilai recommends applying sunscreen at least twice for the best efficiency, while those with dry skin also opt for creams heavy in moisturiser, vitamins C and A.

“It’s best to avoid drinking coffee and alcohol. They can make skin dry. Dust and smoke in exhaust fumes don’t create acne. Most problems come from the sun. The face is the most sensitive part of the body. When you want to wash off cosmetics or dust, facial foam is enough.” Pakpilai says.

The Eternal Youth Golden Lift is a 60-minute facial treatment with a natural anti-ageing growth factor that can reduce melanin and help produce collagen and elastin for healthy skin.

In the treatment room, the therapist starts by washing my face with moisturising cleansing milk and uses cold cotton pads to remove make up and open the pores. She uses AHA (or Alfa Hydroxy Acid) to peel dead cells before moving to the Infusion Electro Mesotherapy machine.

This infuses an anti-ageing wrinkle growth factor that will create collagen and elastin in dermis to repair wrinkled and slack skin followed by glutathione, transmic acid and bio-carrier liposome gel to reduce melanin, blemishes and melasma.

“The machine is a modern development of mesotheraphy, a treatment invented by a French doctor around hundred years ago. It can introduce substance in a form of cocktail to our skin without using needles,” Pakpilai explains.

The therapist then applies a gold clarifying mask for 15 minutes to lift and eliminate toxins before giving me a facial massage to stimulate circulation. The treatment ends with a neck and shoulder massage to relieve tired muscles. The treatment is priced at Bt3,200.


S Medical Spa is located at 2/2 Bhakdi Building, Wireless Road (BTS Ploenchit). It’s open daily except Monday from 10am to 8pm. Call (020 253 1010 or visit www.SMedSpa.com.