A good day to still be alive

movie & TV February 15, 2013 00:00

By Wise Kwai
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Bruce Willis is the latest geezer to join the hit parade of ’80s action stars on our big screens.Following Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Last Stand” and Sylvester Stallone in “Bullet to the Head”, Willis is back as unbreakable cop John McClane in “A Good Day to Die Hard”, the fifth entry in the action franchise that began in 1988.

For the first time, the events take place away from US soil, with McClane visiting Moscow. He says he’s on vacation but he’s really looking for trouble as he tracks down his estranged son Jack. The whippersnapper is played by up-and-coming Australian star Jai Courtney from “Blood and Sand” and most recently “Jack Reacher”.
Together, father and son blow stuff up and calmly walk away, ensuring there will probably be a “Die Hard 6” and beyond, as long as Willis can keep walking.
 Also opening
 “Warm Bodies” – “Zom rom com” is a term likely coined for British director Edgar Wright’s genre-bending 2004 cult hit “Shaun of the Dead”, but it also applies to “Warm Bodies”, which has star-crossed lovers right out of Shakespeare. A young zombie finds his heart has restarted when he spots a cute human girl and rescues her from having her brains eaten. It’s a sweet story, given a comic spin by director Jonathan Levine, who previously made cancer funny with “50/50”.
 “Bachelorette” – Following “The Hangover”, now it’s the turn of the ladies to misbehave. In “Bachelorette”, three young women – Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan – ruin the wedding of an old classmate. She’s played by Rebel Wilson, who came to fame for her quirky supporting role another female-powered wedding romp, “Bridesmaids”. 
 “Safe Haven” – Lasse Hallstrom is the king of sappy sentimental movies, but don’t let him hear you call his latest a “chick flick” – he really hates that term. “Safe Haven” is based on a tenderhearted Nicholas Sparks novel about a young woman on the run from her past. She doesn’t want to fall in love but can’t help it when things are so gosh darn romantic.
 “Choice Khoo See Dee Tae Fun” – Musicians “Way” Prinya Intachai from the hip-hop group Thaitanium and Preeti “Bankk” Barameeanant from the Thai rock group Clash have had their share of acting roles, but this marks their first time in the directors’ chair, directing themselves as convenience-store clerks with big dreams.
Also showing
 Clap! French Film Festival – Bangkok movie-goers are spoiled for choice this week with three festivals going on. The Clap! French Film Festival runs through Wednesday at SFX the Emporium, overlapping with the Japanese Film Festival at SFC Terminal 21 and German Film Week at Paragon Cineplex. Highlights of the French fest include tonight’s “Polisse”, which screens again on Sunday, “The Rabbi’s Cat” tomorrow and Sunday and the Oscar-nominated drama “Amour” on Wednesday. Find out more in the related story on this page.
 Japanese Film Festival – It starts tonight at 6.30 with “Eclair”, about a kid caught stealing sweets in World War II Japan. Six more food-themed movies follow through Sunday at SF Cinema City Terminal 21. The fest then moves to Chiang Mai and repeats itself at Major Cineplex Airport Plaza. Tickets are free – queue up to get them 30 minutes before showtime. Check the full schedule at www.JFBkk.or.th.
 German Film Week – The Goethe Institute kicks off its week of movies with “Goethe!”, aka “Goethe in Love”, on Monday at Paragon. They’ll show one movie a night at 7 until February 24. For the full lineup, see www.Goethe.de/|ins/th/ban/enindex.htm.
 “ABCD: Any Body Can Dance: – Bollywood’s answer to the “Step Up” franchise stars Prabhu Deva as a dancer who assembles an underdog crew of inexperienced hoofers to compete on a TV dance show. It’s billed as “India’s first 3D dance film” and is indeed screening in 3D at Major Cineplex Sukhumvit, Major Rama III and Paragon. Rated G.
 “Special 26” – Akshay Kumar stars in this fact-based comedy-drama that’s inspired by the daring 1987 Mumbai jewellery heist perpetrated men posing as Central Bureau of Investigation officers. It’s in Hindi with English and Thai subtitles at Major Cineplex Sukhumvit and Rama III.
Sneak preview
 “Silver Linings Playbook” – David O Russell’s romantic comedy is up for eight Oscars and boasts an award-winning turn by Jennifer Lawrence. Catch it from around 8 nightly in most multiplexes.