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Art February 03, 2013 00:00

By The Nation on Sunday

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Men InTrend and Wallpaper's picks for the slickest, smartest blokes of the year

Men InTrend, the Mall Group men’s shop, recently joined hands with Wallpaper magazine to honour these 15 guys with outstanding personalities and style as Men of the Year for 2012.

Gubernatorial candidate and an unorthodox DJ with a penchant for outrageous outfits, Suharit earned the title “The Legend Maker” thanks to his celebrated style. The managing director of DHA Siamwalla, a century-old office supplies distributor, his preferred look is actually a simple grey two-piece suit.
Charming Prakarn was dubbed “The Natural Born Lady Killer”. At 25 he’s the young blood at S&P, currently in charge of training, while at the same time a partner in the men’s-wear labels Hokuto and Common-T and the front man for the pop band Getsunova. 
Sutton was voted “The Curator of Hype” for being a hip trendsetter. Fluent in Thai and tattooed (his “permanent accessories”), he dares to dream and he makes those dreams come true. A writer of stories for children, he penned “Iron Fairies”, which also happens to be the name of his cocktail bar on Thonglor, and he also owns Fat Gut’z, Clouds and now the dessert shop Mr Jone’s Orphanage. 
Tall, dark and handsome Poom is easily mistaken for a professional model – but he’s “only” an amateur model. He’s too busy to go pro because he helps run Thai Namthip, the family business. But meanwhile his talent, admirable profile and simple, chic, realistic clothing style earns Poom the title “The Breathtaking Gentleman”.
Always unique and yet always a crowd favourite, Nithis is “The Common Muse”. He plays bass for the grunge band Yers on the Smallroom label, but earned greater acclaim by carrying that ’90s look – like low-key tones and black-leather ankle boots – into the world of acting. 
Wutthikorn is “The Craftsman” because he’s devoted to art, as a leading practitioner and a lecturer at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology in Lad Krabang. Men InTrend livened up his customary look for the occasion, replacing the jeans with grey trousers topped with a black quilted jacket, beige shirt and grid-print necktie.
Ensconced in the family business and with multiple other dealings on the go, not least Vespiario, the Vespa dealership, Pranitan is “The Entrepreneur”. He’s heavily invested in slick blazers for all those important business meetings.
Pitawat “Two Pee” Pruksakit and Frederico “Freddy V” Vassallo, the first artists to seal a record deal with Thaitanium Entertainment, have been declared “The Kinetic Crew”. The Phuket dudes are great singers with a unique sense of style, energetic and cool with a modern twist.
Eye-catching Jirat pretty much steers Thai teen fashion trends as the mastermind behind the success of Cheeze and Looker magazines, so he was an easy pick for the title of “The Look Director”. He’s a genius at mix & match and street style, contributing vibrant flavours to the local fashion scene, and he really does get the kids dressing the same way.
Rising entertainer Theeradej, fresh out of Chulalongkorn University, is “The Million Dollar Boy”. 
He dresses right for every occasion, but his most important accessory is his wristwatch because, on top of everything else, this is one punctual guy.
Talented graphic designer Rukkit is “The Pixel Connector”, bubbling with creativity and sharing it with magazines including Territory, IdN and CG+. His personal design squad is called BORED, but they can’t possibly be because they’re so busy. You might also have one of the Surface-brand bags they concocted.
After a decade as a Channel 3 news anchor, Pasit is more popular than ever in the mass media, and that – along with his outstanding looks – is why he’s been named “The National Favourite”.
Always in pursuit of perfection, Krisada is “The Uncompromising Player”. He’s a veteran entertainer who’s also given Bangkok cool venues that will live long and prosper, like the Siam Hotel he’s reinvigorated with extensions and a fresh, detail-heavy design. 
Amata becomes “The Whiz” thanks to a stylish and creative mind that’s cleverly applied to amazing architecture and interior d