Don't call dummy cameras fakes, says Sukhumbhand

national September 21, 2011 00:00

By The Nation

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Bangkok governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra yesterday maintained that installing fake surveillance cameras by authorities was practised internationally. He was responding to an online citizen board reporting a claim by that 500 cameras in Bangkok we

Sukhumbhand said all those cameras dubbed as fakes should not be called that. "There are many models, some of which just have outside frames. Some cameras are fake on purpose, because closecircuit television systems cannot fully be installed [in Bangkok]."

Citing signboards promoting his policy of installing another 20,000 cameras throughout Bangkok, he said all were real and operational. He vowed an investigation into the issue, but said he needed to know where the fake ones were installed.

Sukhumbhand's predecessor, Aphirak Kosayodhin, said fake cameras were installed after he left the office, and blamed budget shortage and urgency as the reasons for installing them.

"Locations of cameras are designated prior to actual installation and the dummies were posted at those locations," he added.

"There is transparency throughout the issue and I can explain it. There were no payments for installation of fake units. Everything was done for the sake of security. Locations are fixed for real cameras in future installations," he said.

Deputy Bangkok Governor Theerachon Manomaiphibool said real cameras could detect a large number of crimes and traffic accidents, with each recording period extended from seven to 30 days. He said that by next year real cameras would be installed at all 20,000 locations under Sukhumbhand's policy.

Pol MajGeneral Phanu Kerdlarpphol, a deputy Bangkok police chief in charge of traffic direction, said there were 69 units operated by police for traffic monitoring and there would be another 77 new units installed for traffic police.

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