The pop band Armchair marks 10 years with its first full-scale solo show

The pop act Armchair gave a spectacular performance on Saturday in the "Fat Life Armchair" concert, organised by 104.5 Fat Radio to celebrate the band's 10th anniversary.

Playing songs from their very first album to the latest, Armchair gave a hearty performance.

The band - singer Anusorn "Yong" Maneetes, guitarist Jatuttaporn "Phueng" Rumakom and bassist-saxophonist Peeraphon "Jor"Leelasetthakul - formed a decade ago and while they have played thousands of shows, they've never had their very own concert.

The main stage prop was a white armchair placed centre stage, which doubled as a screen for the images projected from the back of Moon Star Studio 8 on Lat Phrao Soi 81.

The sold-out concert started with a performance by Suan Kularb high school's marching band.

Screams were loud as Armchair emerged, with Yong greeting the audience and asking them to wave their fists in the air while they sang "Kid-tueng". That song was followed by Armchair's award-winning instrumental "Similan."

Guests Pangko, Lula and DJ Mickey of Fat Radio performed Armchair's "Aaj Pror Tur" ("Bliss") in a jazzy bossa nova rhythm. The three girls had fun playing their ukeleles as Yong danced along.

The band gave away tamborines signed by all the members' before continuing with "Puan Pun" ("Trembling Heart"), the first song they ever recorded.

"Today is the day Armchair has been waiting for 10 years," said Yong to loud cheers, as the band swung into "Duang Dao Nai Born Am" ("Reflection of the Stars"), with guests Stylish Nonsense, segueing into "Samrerng Samran".

They followed up with "Yak Glab Pai Ha" ("Wish I Was There"), while fans sang along happily. Then, much to everyone's delight, the band's former keyboardist and flutist Atit "Uan" Sornsongkram, who quit to study in Germany, appeared and soloed on "Photograph".

Yong joined Uan on "Wan Tee Chan Puai", then took the stage back for "Prung Nee" ("Tomorrow"), and "Eek Klang" ("I'm Sorry").

"'I'm Sorry,' is a song that should be played whenever we are away from each other. Armchair was away from its fans for a while. But this Armchair [the band] will never disappear, as it is made from plastic. It remains, even if it is buried for 200 years," Yong said.

The highlight of the show was Yong's duet with Champ Teddy Ska on "Phu Chai Tee Chok Dee" ("Must"). As Yong and Champ walked to mingle with the audience while singing lyrics that talk about a lucky man, Yong knelt down and proposed to Koi, vocalist of Saturday Seiko and his long-time girlfriend, who was seated in the audience.

"Please be my witnesses," Yong told the audience. "Khun Koi, thank you for being my girlfriend for as long as Armchair has been in existence. No matter how bad or how good the things we've faced, not a single day has passed that we don't tell each other, 'I love you.' I am very proud to have met a good lady like you. I am so glad that you are part of my life and my beloved parents and sister's lives. Partly that's because of my good luck. Koi, please marry me," he said, as the audience erupted in loud screams.

Next up was guest singer Stamp Apiwat with "Leum Pai Gon" before Yong came back with "Khun Geb Kwam Lub Dai Mai" ("Can You Keep a Secret?") and invited everyone to get up and dance.

Armchair speeded up the tempo as they rolled into the finale, playing "Puppaduppa," "Yu Tee Thur Took Yang", "Sib Ha Khumpa", "Kwam Rue Seuk Khong Chan Tee Me Thur Yu Eek Khon Duay Kan Bon Lok Bai Ni", and "Pai Duay Gan Rue Plao" ("Are You Coming?")

The stage fell dark and the crowd cried out for more. The band returned and said farewell with "Rak Tae", "Kreung Jai" and a second round of "Pai Duay Gan Rue Plao".


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