ADB encourages Thai role as Asean logistics hub

The Asian Development Bank has urged the government to strengthen its logistic links within Asean to boost economic growth.

After meeting with ADB country manager JeanPierre Verbiest, Deputy Commerce Minister Alongkorn Ponlaboot said the bank was ready to provide financial support to Asean to promote development of logistics and transport in the region.

"Logistics development is the key factor facilitating cooperation among Asean countries, and the ADB wants Thailand to be a logistics centre," Alongkorn said.

The bank proposes to provide financial support for Thailand to connect with fellow Asean countries by rail and road transport, he said.

To promote the development of logistics in the region, Thailand has asked the ADB to consider providing financial support for the construction of an expressway linking Hat Yai and northern Malaysia. It also wants support for establishing a tunnel linking Satun province and the bordering Malaysian state of Perlis to promote connections among Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Also, Thailand has asked for support of roadway construction between Bang Yai, Nonthaburi, and Kanchanaburi to link with Burma.


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