Google Chrome for Thai users

Google has introduced the latest and fastest version of its web browser, Google Chrome, to Thai users, together with a suite of local features that make the browsing experience more personalised and powerful.

Available in both English and Thai on all major operating systems, Google Chrome offers a fast, simple and secure way for Thai users to experience the web.

The fastest version of Google Chrome to date, with customisable Thai features, can be downloaded in one easy click from

Google Southeast Asia's head of product management Andrew McGlinchey said Google Chrome enabled users to quickly, easily and securely interact with the websites and applications they cared about.

"It's important that we, together with our local partners, bring that experience to Thailand's 18 million Internet users," he said. "As more and more Thais spend more time online, they need a browser that is extremely fast and powerful, but does not get in their way. Just like the classic Google homepage, Google Chrome has a simple user interface with a core to enable a speedy browsing experience."

Google built a new JavaScript engine called V8 for Google Chrome. It not only speeds up existing websites, but enables a whole new class of websites and applications that couldn't exist on conventional browsers. As a result of constant improvement to V8, the current version of Chrome is more than 200-per-cent faster than the first beta version released a year and a half ago.

Google Chrome combines the search and address bar into one at the top of the browser and calls it the "omnibox". It quickly takes users where they want to go, often in just a few keystrokes. The browser also automatically detects when a Thai-language user wishes to visit a site in a different language, and translates the entire website into Thai in less than a second.

The current version of Google Chrome can even synchronize users' bookmarks and browser preferences in the cloud so that users can access their personalised browser settings and sites from any computer, anywhere.

In an effort to make the Web as relevant and useful to people as possible, Google Chrome also comes with new local features that were specifically created for Thai users. They include eight browser extensions and eight Chrome artist themes.

Extensions are small programs that can add informative, enjoyable or useful functionality to the browser, making the experience more personalised.

Thai users can now access the latest news from Sanook, search for products to buy on Tarad, look up movie showtimes on MovieSeer, check their actual Internet-connection speed using a tool called SpeedTest, perform currency conversions and access financial articles through KBank, get instant updates about True Online promotions, search for local attractions on EDTGuide and look up word meanings and translations on Long Do Dictionary. All this can be done with a click of a button on the Google Chrome browser, and without having to leave the page they are currently on.

Extensions are easy to install and automatically update themselves, once downloaded. Using the Google Chrome browser, simply navigate to the Google Chrome extensions gallery at and select from dozens of extensions.


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