Ministry lauds 35 top artists at Silpathorn awards

Founder of Boy Thai band, Chaiyoot Tosanga, along with awardwinning Thai author Saneh Sangsuk and Thai filmmaker, Aditya Assarat, were among those honoured this year by the Culture Ministry at the Silpathorn Awards.

Office of Contemporary Art and Culture (OCAC)'s Prisana Pongtadsirikul said the Silpathorn award committee had this year honoured nine out of 35 selected Thai contemporary artists for the awards.

The winners were: Boy Thai band leader Chaiyoot Tosanga in the field of music; "White Shadow" author Saneh Sangsuk in literature; "Wonderful Town" film director Aditya Assarat in film; Association of Siamese Architects' Young Architect Award winner Patama Roonrakwit, architecture; theatre director Nikorn Saetang, the field of performing arts; artist Navin Lawanchaikul in the field of visual arts; designer Withoon Khunalangkan, interior design; designer Pracha Suveeranont, graphic design; and artist Wasinburi Supanichwarapat, design.

The Silpathorn Award recipients will each receive a shield of honour and Bt100,000 money prize as well as a brooch made of gold and jewellery.

One award recipient, Patama, said she was happy to receive the award and throughout her architecture career had been focusing on projects for lowincome people, such as designing community plans and construction for Chiang Mai's Santitham Community, Bangkok's Mahakan Fort Community and Bangkok's Min Buri Community Library. She also received the Association of Siamese Architects' Young Architect Award.

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