What went down

Chronology of events on Day III of clashes between security forces and protesters

8.30am: The situation in Bon Kai remains very tense as protesters set several tyres ablaze in the middle of the road, causing a huge fire.

Red shirts also pile up tyres at Rama IV-Wireless intersection and set them alight, sending thick smoke into the air. The protesters appear blatant and shout to provoke troops.

8.15am: Maj-General Khattiya Sawasdiphol's blood pressure keeps dropping to the extent that his kidneys fail, according to doctor Chaiwan Charoenchokthawee.

9am: The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's Emergency Medical Service Centre ups the death toll from two days of clashes to 24. Of those killed, 23 were men. The EMS Centre says 198 people have been injured so far.

9am: In a TV-pool programme, PM Abhisit urges the protesters to abandon their demonstrations and go home. Abhisit says the clashes will end only when the red shirts end their rally.

9.30am: BTS and MRT services are suspended for a second day.

10am: A Nation reporter sees a woman shot in the head while observing the protest in front of the Bon Kai community near Rama IV expressway.

11am: Chulalongkorn Hospital announces that its medical services will be halted from today until further notice.

11am: Red-shirt protesters burn tyres again in Bon Kai. The fire engulfes and destroys a Tesco Express located nearby.

11.15am: red shirts try to fire a rocket, but it goes off accidentally and injures them in Din Daeng.

The protesters threaten to fire at authorities if they attempt to break up the rally at the intersection.

11.30am: Channel 3 reports that red-shirt protesters have seized the traffic-light booth at the Din Daeng intersection and lit a big fire in the middle of road using tyres. Thick smoke was seen billowing from the blaze.

1pm: The spokesman of the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES) decides to hold a meeting at 2.30pm to decide about imposing curfew.

1.15pm: Sansern says the CRES has learnt that terrorists will dress like policemen or soldiers in an attempt to cause misunderstanding that the security forces and the police are fighting each other.

1.40pm: CRES spokesman Sansern says in a press briefing that police, officials, the Red Cross and NGOs will persuade red-shirt protesters - particularly all women and children - to abandon the protests. The government will arrange vehicles for them to return home.

3pm: Women, children and elderly people are seen leaving the Rajprasong rally site for Pathum Wanaram Temple located nearby. The temple's authorities announce earlier that its compound is a safe zone and reserved for any protesters, but with one condition, they must have no weapons.

4.12pm: A Thai PBS field reporter recounts live on TV that PTV cameraman Phutthapong Chusaeng is lying on the ground beside him after being shot in the back, but he is saved by his bulletproof vest.

4.19pm: Assailants fire M-79 grenades in Bon Kai, the scene of a clash between troops and protesters.

4.20am: The EMS Centre says the death toll is 25, with 215 injured.

The centre identifies the latest victim as Somchai Prasupan, 43.

5pm: The CRES announces that curfew will not be clamped as it would affect people.

6.30pm - CRES announces that May 17 and 18 will be official holidays for government officials. The decision was made as the clashes between troops and red shirts continued and there is no sign of subsiding

7pm - Emergency Institute of Thailand revives death toll of the Bangkok warfare to 27 and 245 injuries.

7.15pm - CRES invokes state of emergency in five provinces; Ubon Ratchathani, Mahasarakam, Roi Et, Sakon Nakhon and Nongbua Lumpu.

7.30pm - Erawan Emergency Center reports that the death toll of the Bangkok Warfare is now 29 and 221 injuries. The latest victims were killed by sharpnels of M-79 grenades that landed in Bon Kai area.


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