'Who would dare to get me'

Suspended Army specialist Maj General Khattiya Sawasdipol yesterday gave an interview to The Nation's Pongphon Sarnsamak, not long before he was shot in the head. He is still in critical condition.

The 13-minute and 16-second interview is given near an MRT station beside the statue of King Rama VI at Lumpini Park.

Q : The crackdown on the demonstrators will take place tonight [last night]?

K : My guess is that they won't do it during night time. They would do it at dawn - as a military doctrine says an offensive should be carried out at dawn.

Q : Then how possible is that it will be carried out at dawn?

K : It depends. We all have empty hands. Let's see if they are crazy enough to do it. The whole world and the world media are watching whether the soldiers are crazy enough.

Q : If you think a cracdown is possible at dawn, don't you have any plans?

K : I don't know about the red masses. I don't get involved with their fighting, which will be unconventional. I won't be a part of their fight. I only walk around the protest site to give them moral support. I don't know how they will fight.

Q : The armed men in black will emerge this time?

K : They will. The same guys. They will show up to justify [the government's actions]. They walk around carrying guns. They are the government's men that showed up on April 10. They are showing off for foreign media cameras.

Q : How possible will there be torching of shopping malls near the protest site?

K : Nothing. This is not discussed.

Q : How many men are under your command?

K : There is none. It's just me. I have never seen anyone carrying weapons here. They are armed with only morale and will power. I don't know where the unidentified force come from.

Q : Regarding your coming speech, who will you address it to?

K : To the red guards.

Q : The guards are under your command?

K : No. They are from the provinces, and now work together.

Q : And what about the King Taksin Force that you trained?

K : That was over two years ago. The force disbanded itself. The red guards you see now travel to Bangkok along with the protestors from 75 provinces. They come and work together.

Q : What is your view on infighting among the red-shirt leadership?

A : The "dove" leaders took money from the government and the "hawk" leaders want to expose them, but they don't dare to. But the "hawk" leaders have me, so I expose the "dove leaders".

Q : Who are the dove leaders?

K : Nattawut Saikua, Jatuporn Promphan, Dr weng Tojirakarn, and Wisa Khanthap.

Q : Who are the hawk leaders?

K : Arisman Pongruangrong, Suporn Atthawong, Khwanchai Praipana and Payap Panket.

Q : Your are not included?

K : I don't get involved with the protest.

Q : You are not a hardcore?

K : No. I work separately from the leaders. I don't speak on the stage. I work on the security for the protest. The leaders want me out, but I'm not leaving. I will take care of the protesters, because I know they will be killed if I leave.

Q : The infighting will weaken the protest?

K : No. The doves are bad leaders. The red shirts have come to fight and die. How can they make a deal [with the government] for themselves? The PM's road map, the surrender of Suthep Thaugsuban at the DSI, and at the CSD. I exposed them all. The red shirts have come here for House dissolution, not for the road map.

Q : What do you have to explain to the people about the red shirts' demand?

K : We come here for House dissolution and now we are fooled by the first-tier leaders. Now we are waiting for the second-tier leaders, who have now given a pledge to carry on the protest and now one backs out. Arisman is the leader.

It is not certain if Jatuporn will join the bandwagon. He jumped in and just jumped out.

Q : How many men are still with you if the protest is over, or if the doves give up?

K : Everyone will stay, because the essentials are all here - water, food, tents, generators and mobile toilets.

Q : If Suthep surrenders to CSD, the protest is over?

A : As agreed. No one will give up. They are ready for a revolution. The hawks are ready to do it since Wednesday night. Arisman announced openly to bring back the 1997 Constitution and Thaksin.

Q : What do you think about the protest continuing and the demand for the PM's resignation?

K : I don't know. The fighting is going on. The PM has the aristocracy, the military and the police behind his back. He can go on fighting.

Q : Where is Veera Musigapong?

K : He is gone.

Q : Gone where? He is not well?

K : To the UK. The red-shirted leaders are embarrassed [over Veera giving up], because I revealed all.

Q : When did Veera leave Thailand?

K : Three days ago, because I revealed the infighting. The PM got angry with me over the road map, because they could not reach an agreement.

Q : Who are the real powers among the red-shirted leaders?

K : They were all real powers, initially. But now some of them have shown their true selves, as money can buy everything, or some big people have influenced [their change of mind].

It's like a rigged boxing bout after all. But everything got stuck because of me telling the truth. That is why Abhisit and Suthep are angry at me.

Q : How many are real powers are left?

K : None. The leaders' influence is so much that their guards can beat up anyone. But Arisman is not afraid of them.

Q : You don't want to be a red leader?

K : Unsuitable. I am a soldier and responsible for security for the protest. This is enough to drive me crazy. I will become weaker in combat if I take two jobs. I can speak on the stage if permitted but I cannot go and attend meetings with them, or the border protest site will be a mess.

Q : Why is there now a military presence?

K : It happened after the deal was made [to pressure noncooperative leaders]. Some people say the deal was not fully successful because I stood in the way. Some try to find out why it is so difficult to kill me, even though I am unarmed and travel alone.

Q : Why can't they catch you?

K : Who would dare to come in here? Would you dare if ordered to catch me?

Q : What about when you are outside?

K : I don't go outside. I stay within the protest areas. It's like a spy movie if you imagine about them infiltrating among red shirts and taking me.


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