Project to protect rare flora, fauna

Now 10 plant and 20 animal endangered species are covered by a three-year protection programme.

Ten rare plants and 20 endangered animals will be protected by a three-year programme, the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning said yesterday.

Among the flora, the project will focus on conserving phlabphleng tharn (Crinum thaianum), a newly discovered water plant. Of the fauna, two crab species named after Their Majesties - the Potamon Bhumibol Naiyanetr crab and Thaiphusa Sirikit crab will be protected.

The project will start on May 22.The 20 animal species are: the tiger, the Asian elephant, crane, Gurney's pitta, hornbill, black-necked stork, Siamese fireback pheasant, dugong, freshwater dolphin, giant clam, Himalayan newt, Siamese giant carp, sea tortoise and Chitra chitra.

The 10 plant species are silver staghorn, Vanda coerulescens, rhododendron, Trachycarpus oreophilus, Crinum thaianum, Afgekia mahidoliae, Grammatophyllum, Dendrobium friedericksianum, Paphiopedilum, Dracaena Lourieri, Vatica diospyroides Syming, Melanorrhoea ustata and insect-eating nepenthes.

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