Thaksin says timing good for reconciliation

Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra made a phone call to the meeting of Pheu Thai Party MPs, saying the timing is good for the red-shirt movement to accept the prime minister's offer for political reconciliation.

But Thaksin quickly added that it would be up to the red-shirt movement itself as to whether it would accept the offer of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

Noppadol Pattama, a close aide of haksin, hooked Thaksin up to the Pheu Thai meeting at 1 pm. Reporters were also allowed to ask questions.

Abhisit announced the road map to peace and political reconciliation Monday night, saying he will hold a general election on November 14.

"It's up to red shirts whether to accept PM's offer. It has nothing to do with me," Thaksin said.

"Everything's far beyond me now. I'm just a little piece in the red shirts movement."

Thaksin also noted that someone might write a script for the prime minister to read, especially on the third factor of the road map.

The third factor states that the mass media, while remaining free, must have mechanisms that prevent igniting hatred and causing political conflict.

Thaksin said he is now in good health and he saw that the Coronation Day Wednesday is a good time for reconciliation.

"I'm in good health. Tomorrow is auspicious day so it will be good if we can have reconciliation," Thaksin said.

He said he hoped his phone call would end the rumours that he had died.

"Now that I've called my party, hope they won't say it's fake voice again this time," Thaksin said. His critics said his earlier phone call to The Nation Group might be a fake voice.

He said underground bookies gave the odds of him already dead at 5:1.

He said he is still in good heath, saying: "I'm just getting older. I still weigh the same as when I was PM. My hair not falling off yet."

During his interview with The Nation he said he might return to Thailand this year. During his phone-in to the party, he explained that "I just echoed an astrologer's prediction when I said I would come back before yearend."

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