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Peace-keeping Command to set up at 11th Infantry Regiment

The authorities will set up the Peace-keeping Operations Command, also known as the government's war room, at the 11th Infantry Regiment in Bangkhen, Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thuagsuban said on Wednesday.

The command, under Suthep's leadership, has formed by the Internal Security Operations Command, to supervise the security measures related to the red-shirt rally.

Suthep warned the red shirts that the authorities would not tolerate the disruption of traffic, the blockade of government installations and the seizure of airports.

In regard to today's three bomb hoaxes, the police are investigating into the matter, he said, pledging to release a report as soon as the police have drawn conclusion.

He said between tomorrow and Saturday, the lead-up to the Sunday's mass rally, would be a crucial period to stay alert because of the fragile situation which can be prone for violence.

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