March 12-18, 2007
Toefl & Ielts
Choose the best answer to the questions below.

Man: Oh no!
Woman: WhatÕs happened?
Man: I canÕt find my lucky pen and today is the his- tory final.
Woman: What do you mean you canÕt find your lucky pen?
Man: Whenever I have an exam, I use my lucky pen; it gives me better grades.
Woman: Is that the reason you failed last termÕs exam?
Man: Precisely! I didnÕt have it then either.
Woman: I canÕt believe you really think a stupid pen can get you better exam results! DonÕt you ever study?
Man: But with my lucky pen I donÕt have to study.
Woman: It certainly looks like the pen has more brains than you do. Where did you get it from
Man: Remember when I went to visit my aunt two years ago over Easter? Well, I found it on the train going there.
Woman: That is one lucky pen.
Man: ThatÕs what I thought.

1. How does the man feel at the beginning?

A. upset
B. happy
C. hungry
D. jealous

2. Why is the pen so important to the man?

A. It is the only pen he has.
B. Nobody wants to lend him a pen.
C. He canÕt use another pen for his exam.
D. He believes it improves his exam results.

3. What happened to the man the previous term?

A. He failed his exam.
B. He aced all his exams.
C. He didnÕt write any exams.
D. His teacher barred him from the exam.

4. Where did the man get the pen from?

A. He found it on a trip.
B. His aunt gave it to him.
C. He took it from his friend.
D. It was a Christmas present.

5. What would best describe the man?

  A. evil
B. cute
C. scholarly
D. superstitious


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