February 12-18, 2007
Toefl & Ielts
Choose the best answer to the questions below.

Woman: I canÕt believe the field trip to the quarry has been postponed.
Man: I heard there was a bad cave-in and Dr Sindler doesnÕt want any students to be at risk.
Woman: Do we know for when the trip has been rescheduled? IÕd hate it to clash with any of my exams.
Man: I donÕt think Dr Sindler is going to place a course requirement during an exam period.
Woman: I wouldnÕt put it past him.
Man: DonÕt be like that. You always have to paint things black. IÕve probably learnt more from Dr Sindler than from all other lecturers combined.
Woman: ThatÕs an easy thing to say for a freshman.
Man: At least IÕm enjoying my classes.

1. Where was the field-trip supposed to go?

A. field
B. cave
C. quarry
D. mountain

2. Why was the fieldtrip postponed?

A. accident
B. schedule
C. complaints
D. examinations

3. The trip is important because it is?

A. rare
B. risky
C. cheap
D. required

4. How does the woman feel about Dr Sindler?

A. curious
B. negative
C. optimistic
D. interested

5. How would the man describe the woman?

  A. artistic
B. colourful
C. pessimistic
D. fashionable

6. What does the man think about Dr Sindler?

  A. strict
B. boring
C. boastful
D. educated

7. What does the woman mean when she says, ŌThatÕs an easy thing to say for a freshman?Ķ

  A. The man hasnÕt had many lecturers yet.
B. The man is too young to know anything.
C. Freshmen are always quick to say things.
D. The man is brave because he is a freshman.


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