Defenders of China’s rights abuse are playing the ‘race’ card

your say June 13, 2019 01:00

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Re: “Anti-Chinese prejudice has a long history in the West”, Have Your Say, June 10.

Of course Sukhumit Bill is correct that there has been terrible persecution of the Chinese people throughout history. But he seems to think that criticism of the Chinese government is an example of that bigotry.

This is similar to people calling me anti-Semitic (despite the fact I’m Jewish) when I criticise Israel. It is outrageous to suggest that, if you condemn certain people who engage in barbaric human rights abuses, you’re a bigot if those abusers happen to be Chinese or Jewish

Supporters of China or Israel play the “race card” or the “Jewish card” to discourage people from being critical of either country. I think that’s a cheap tactic that will ultimately backfire.

Eric Bahrt 

Chiang Mai

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