Talking of Nazis, they had a newspaper too

your say May 23, 2019 01:00

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As is his wont, Robin Grant’s talent for putting things firmly into their correct contexts remains intact, and despite the usual rabble-rousers creating mischief in pursuit of their own warped political ends.

I tend to call things as I see them. As such I stick with democratic principles, running contrary to the expected flatulent outbursts by those onanistic malcontents who hold them in open contempt in this forum. 

Let’s take the example of their hero, the risible Yaxley-Lennon (hereinafter Y-L), whose various noms de guerre also include “Tommy Robinson”. As a convicted criminal – found guilty of fraud and assault, among other things – Y-L lacks serious credibility. That credibility is not bolstered by Nation readers’ hagiographies evading this proven felon’s extremist tendencies. 

I nonetheless welcome contributions to these pages from across the socio-political spectrum, as an exercise in democratic participation, and to show these bigots up for what they most surely are. I doubt that would occur in Messrs Pike and Wilcox’s ultra far-right paradise, as history warns us. Give me The Nation over the Volkischer Beobachter any day.

Dr Frank


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